How to Have a Black Stretch in GTA : VICE CITY




Intro: How to Have a Black Stretch in GTA : VICE CITY

Firstly.., Go anywhere else but not near the Vercetti's estate (where the stretch is located ) in the photo above I'm standing in the golf course.

Step 1: The Cheat to Have the Black Stretch

To get the black stretch type this cheat.

(i want it painted black PC cheat)

Go to the Vercetti's estate and there you go..., have your black stretch
Actually you will find all the cars (even the police car) painted black

Put it in a garage then save the game. Now retype the cheat to deactivate it.
There you have your car!!!

Step 2: A Pink Stretch?

A Pink lover??
You can even have a pink stretch!!

(a hair dressers car PC cheat)

Every car is Pink!!
Again Follow step 1 do the same.



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