How to Have a Home With No House Payments and No Utility Bills!




About: I am a long time off-grid homesteader and I live year round in a solar cabin I designed and built myself. I use solar and wind power, passive solar heat and water, and a solar composting toilet. I like to ...

This intro video is an overview of how to have a home with no house payments and no utility bills.

In this video I describe how to find cheap land, build a cabin for under $2000, and use solar electric and propane.

Below are  videos of each system used in my cabin.

Please visit my website for more information and complete plans:



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      9 years ago on Introduction

      I don't know if this is classified as an instructable but, you have given me a lot to think about. A hell of a lot. Thanks for publishing this here otherwise I wouldn't have even thought about it. Good job, well done.


      9 years ago on Introduction

      haven't viewed the video yet (cant on current computer) so excuse me if it answers any of these questions. have you personally done this? where would the water supply come from?

      4 replies

      Yes that is my solar cabin in the video and I live there year round.

      You can drill your own water well if water table is high or have one drilled.  You can also haul water in, have it delivered or harvest rain water.

      If you can not see the video or just want more info please visit my website:


      9 years ago on Introduction

      There are portable sink stations that you can use for doing dishes, washing your hands, etc.  many of these have on demand water heaters included in the design.  Mine cost just under $1000 shipped.  I just fill it with water and plug it in when I need hot water.  If you want to go even cheaper, you can get a foot pump operated sink station.  They start at just over $300.  Portable showers also exist and many use rechargeable batteries.   You don't have to let water be an issue in getting off the grid.

      1 reply

      You are correct water does not have to be an issue!

      I drilled my own water well, you can have one drilled, haul in water, or harvest rain water.

      I use a 12volt dc water pump and an OD water heater. I have a full bathroom in the cabin with shower, composting toilet and sink. RV size sink in kitchen.

      As stated this an overview video. For the complete instructable go here:

      It is not possible with the space and video time allowed to completely cover every aspect of this process which is why I am creating instructables on each system used in the solar cabin.

      For now you can visit my youtube videos for detailed descriptions:

      The ideas are free and there is an ebook available if you want 198 page detailed plans. You shouldn't expect a man to give up his life's hard work and ingenuity for free or without some gratitude like- thank you!