How to Have a Long Lasting Relationship!

About: I love corn bread and will do anything for a relationship that doesn't last only one date! ARGH!

Imagine this: you and your boyfriend are a couple for years and then he says that he hates your guts rejects the homemade chili that you made for him and breaks up with you! Well to be sure that that will never EVER happen, follow these lab tested and satisfaction guaranteed steps!

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Step 1: Stay Near to Him

You need to stay by him every second of his life.  Just walk him to his classes and walk him back to his house and dont let go of his hand until someone has to pry it off with a meat loaf.

Step 2: Keep Your Look

If you change your look then he might not like you anymore. So dont be stupid you ugly weirdo and keep a look that your significant other can find anywhere.  Im obviously talking about uggs, yoga pants, north face sweatshirt, and a messy bun on the top of your head. DO IT NOW GOD DANGET!!!!!

Step 3: Chili.

Its always about the chili. I suggest making him chili because every guy likes a girl who could cook for him.....except Walt Disney and any self respecting tele tubby. When you prepare your chili, take extra notice of all the motivational planners and sticky notes that you have laying around your house. CLEAN THEM UP NOW!!!!!

Step 4: Head Games

I DO NOT LIKE SKENNEDY9 ON THIS WEBSITE. PLEASE TELL HER...OR HIM I GUESS! im just joking with you wonderful people :D

Step 5: Invite Over for Some Hopscotch

Invite him over for some good old hopscotch. This way he will see the child friendly side of you. But halfway through the game you want to start being really competitive. So start to say that he is cheating and that you want an extra turn.  When he denies your amazing hopscotch refereeing skills, tell him to get out of your sight. And before he leaves, grab his phone and throw it at the nearest crocodile or presidential figure.

Step 6: You Dont Care

act as if no such hopscotch related argument has ever happened between you and him. You need to act totally aloof and spanish to make him jealous. Maybe date someone else as a rebound.

Step 7: Apologize

you need to say you are sorry and give him an gym coach appreciation day celebration cake!!!!!!! YOU BETTER DO IT NOW!!!!!!!

Step 8: Break Up

You now need to break up with him and tell him that its all his fault!!!! Make him feel disgusted with himself because that is whats fun for you and even more fun if you post a comment so i COULD READ IT!!!!!

Step 9: Achieve Your Dreams

Show him that you are moving on by achieving your highest dreams and reaching for the cosmos!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


put your bad side away and also acquire a southern accent because ITS ABOUT TO GET CRAY CRAY!@@@@@@  you need to get back together with him because it will make you feel better so text him that you LOVE HIM!!!!! it will be a most splendid surprise for him if he is moping in his room over his breakup and gets a text from you that says you love him!@@@@

Step 11: The Final Step to Your Happiness!

from this point on you are on your own. so ignore all rude comments, always donate to the endangered animals society, and keep on dreaming kid because broadway has a spot for you and that funny accent of yours! BANANA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!



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