How to Hide Money or Important Documents in Safe Places

Introduction: How to Hide Money or Important Documents in Safe Places

Its important to hide your money, especially when you are not home, but you don't want money missing!

Also if you have a paper that you need to keep secret, then this guide is just for you!

Step 1: Get the Money You Want to Hide

You can hide any amount of money. From coins to 500 euros!

Follow those easy steps and see how!

Step 2: Place Your Money in a Book or in a CD Case

Take your money and hide it somewhere that you are the only one that can think it. Put them on a key-number page, like 123 so you can find them easily. THIS hiding place, if revealed, will work - unlike others- because even if the theif searches ALL of your books, it will be really difficult to find the money. Trust me, really difficult!

It can also work with a CD case, just put the money in it and put it back EXACTLY where it was so no one notices. Use CD boxes that you will not open in the future (like this PS+ that only contained a code)!

Step 3: Hiding a Paper Is Extra Easy. Just Hide It With Others!

Put the paper inside a sticker container, or an A3 paper pack. Mix it with other papers, and by the time you use all of them you won't need to keep that secret anymore! Just see the 2nd picture for details. Then put it EXACTLY where you got it from!

YOU ARE DONE! Now you can hide ANYTHING without anyone KNOWING!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I hope you keep your money safe! I believe this is the safest way!


    4 years ago

    great ideas