How to Hide Your Cash

How to hide your cash in a magazine.

A magazine that only you read
Your cash in notes

Leaf through the magazine on each page slip a note right up against the binding (so it wont slip out if someone picks it up).

Alternatively use a whole stack and slip a note in page 9 of each book or a page number of your choice. A stack can be used to camouflage the special magazine. A book can also be used to hide money in its pages.

Warning : if you do not want your much loved magazine (sorry i mean all that cash) to be thrown out when you die, Make sure you tell some one or put it in your will.

Mark the special mag if you are hiding it in a stack (so you don't have to leaf through all the magazines when you want to withdraw some money) same will apply if it is a book on a shelf.

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    5 years ago

    just pray your mom doesnt decide to springclean and recycle!!!!! good idea really - work in books too ? xx


    5 years ago

    clever inscrutable