How to Hide Your Ip Address for FREE (no More Paid VPN)

Introduction: How to Hide Your Ip Address for FREE (no More Paid VPN)

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After a lot of research on the web i found some working software for free.

Visit their website here -

Download here -

How to use -

After i ran this app google shows fake IP address from USA.

Browse safe :-)

see ya ....



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    I use they have excellent services and they never let me down.

    Does it work for Chrome?

    I’m using Zapyo for
    some time and works wanders for me . Zapyo can UNBLOCK ANY SITE at any time. It
    super easy and it’s for FREE.Give it a try

    Just a word of caution, I been told that over 50%, up to 90+% of all proxies are either government owned or governments have access to them all the time. So best to stay totally legal in all your activities on the net, it has eyes and ears everywhere.

    Solicitation is not allowed on Instructables, nor is proliferation of viruses and identity theft.

    Don’t use free VPN - free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

    Use proven services, such as this one: - connect to OpenVPN protocol and can keep calm about your information.
    Bokspn mentioned because I use and quite happy.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch) personally I always use paid services of vpn providers. My favourite is, but certainly there are a lot of worthy providers.