How to Identify the Beakless Stalker( Inferus Mendax ) in the Wild.

Introduction: How to Identify the Beakless Stalker( Inferus Mendax ) in the Wild.

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Step 1: Habitat

The beakless stalker is found mostly in South America but has been spotted as far north of San Diego. This flightless bird is mostly a nomad, taking over abandoned Cappy Barra barrows in which to build its nests which are made mainly of its own dryed feces and vomit.

Step 2: Identifying the Inferus Mendax

The Beakless Stalker is a small, large winged bird. Standing only about 4 inches tall with a wingspan of 7-9 inches. The feather of the male beakless are mostly gray/white in color with golden plumage around the head and neck. The full grown stalker is difficult to tell apart from a baby eagle and my only be identified by the round golden pinnae on either side of the head.

Step 3: Mating

The Inferus Mendax are very peculiar in their mating rituals, usually mating for life . While the male beakless constantly attemps to mate with his female and when the opportunity arises, females of other species aswell. although the male stalker rarely achives victory if ever he remains vigulent in his search . The female mendax on the other hand can perfectly imitate almost any other birds mating call allowing her to wait in her dark barrow and lure males into her love nest while the male stalker is gone hunting, on rare occasion more than one male will fall for her trick always Making sure the other males are gone before her partner returns.

Step 4: Diet

The beakless stalker is a bird of many feathers so to speak when it comes to diet. A scavanger and oppertunistic hunter as well as a expert in camoflage makes this tiny bird a force to be reconed with. Having one of the highest acidic stomich content ever found, This animal is the perfect scavenger able to digest almost anything. As a predator it has been known the despite its very poor eye sight they have excelent night vision which they use to hunt rattle snake in their dens. As an ambush hunter the mendax is perfectly camoflaged when it comes to its main pray, baby eagles. Using the claw like barbs on the tips of the wings to climb into the nests and pose as a chick, the stalker hides in plain sight and waits for the adults to leave, at which time the babys are shoved out of the nest one by one and draged into the stalkers barrow as food for the young. the stalker has been know to return to the nest time and time again to impersonate a chick in order to get a meal from the mouth of the parent eagles as one of their own.

Step 5: Captivity

There are few birds that can survive captivity, it is believed to be that, one staple of this less then majestic breed is raw coffee beans scavanged off the rainforest floor in the droping of other animals , has a chemical that neutralizes the stomich acids in the birds gullet. With out these essential parts of the birds diet they literaly begin to digest themselves from the inside out.

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