How to Improve and Organize Your Room

This instructable shows you how I improved my room, and how you can easily improve your room by doing some simple things that also makes a room more clean looking.

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Step 1: Tv Wall Mount

I bought a tv wall mount that really cleared up some room by hanging it on the wall this wall mount was about 50-60$ and is actually good quality I bought it at parts express.

I wanted my tv above my computer which is in the corner and I needed to buy a mount that could swivel.

the wall mount came with every thing you need, even a level to check if its level.

Step 2: Cleaning Up Cables

cables look really ugly when you have a lot of cables, if your like me you probably have enough cables to wrap around Pluto! XD  Anyways I bought some braided sleeving that you can put a lot of your cables in and it wont look so bad.

these cables were also bought at parts express for about 18$

Note that when you put cables in sleevings make sure the cables go to the same place like if you have a few cables from your computer going to 3 different monitors your sleeving will not be the length of the monitor cables because they arnt going to the same point and the sleeving will end up being too long so cut your sleeving shorter than your cables if you run multiple cables going to different places.

Step 3: Some More Simple Tips

I had some led light strips that I added above the backboard of my bed and under my tv. they act as a nice visual effect and also lighting for reading or other activities.
This was like 40$ and I'm not sure where I got it I've had it for a little while

I also picked up some storage containers from a local harbor freight for all my little electronic parts probably 15-30$

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