How to Improve Eyesight




Introduction: How to Improve Eyesight

This instructable will show you how to improve your eyesight in two ways.

The first is to eat more carrots (with some fat like in yogurt or something else) or to drink more carrot juice. The vitamin A in the carrots (splitted by the fat molecules) will help you to overcome your night blindness and bad eyesight that are results of the lack of the vitamin.

The second is to build a pinhole spectacle. To be honest: The effects of pinhole spectacles are controversial. But if you want to relax and train your ocular muscle - the pinhole spectacles would be useful for you.

About the pinhole spectacles you can read here or in Googles own way to speak English and to translate. I would write some informations down right here, but there are many anatomical information which would be too hard for me (and my bad English) to explain. The pinhole glasses are not such a medical wonder, they were presented as, but maybe you can relax your eyes, wearing them for ten to fifteen minutes. At least it is an interesting experiment.

Please be sure to wear your pinhole spectacles only for training and not while doing dangerous things like driving a car, where you can hurt yourself or others. The pinhole spectacles concentrate your eyes attention on the seeing action and not the seen information.

You can make the glasses with different patterns:

1. normal pattern:
For the normal use and for everyone.
2. squared pattern:
For people, who don't wear glasses yet or people with under 2 diopters.
3. bi-focal patter:
Small holes with little distance between them in the upper half. Bigger and coarse holes in the down side. For the prophylaxis of elder people and above 3 diopters.

The unapproved patterns are easy to make, but in this instructable it is just the normal.

Step 1: Supllies.

As usual, here is what you will need:

  • some old glasses
  • paper* the attached or your own pattern
  • printer
  • scissor
  • glue

Step 2: Prepare Glasses and Print the Pattern.

First of all download the pattern and print it at 50% or in the ratio you think it fits for you.

While the pattern is printed, remove the glasses of your glasses. If the lenses are made of glass be very careful. If they are made of plastic like mine just push it out of the frame.

Step 3: Make Your Pattern "lenses"

Lay the popped out lenses onto the backside of the printed pattern. Draw the outerline of the lenses onto the paper, taking care that the outline you are drawing is within the pattern on the paper.
Then cut out two lenses along the outline you just have drawn.
After you have done this you can put the holes in with a needle as it is shown in the next step or you can glue the paper lenses onto the frame.

Step 4: Loop the Lenses.

Put something like cardboard or Styrofoam or just a mattress.
Loop the white points with a needle (you can use a small needle first and widen the holes with a bigger later).

Step 5: Use It.

The glasses are finished, now. You can use it.
The effect it is shown on the pictures. Read the intro again and the texts linked in the intro. Maybe do this whilst wearing the glasses.

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    11 years ago on Introduction


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    You should not wear - as I wrote - this glasses as an alternative to any glasses, just as a training tool. The pro and contras I listed in the intro I thought.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Eating carrots doesn't actually improve your vision. This is a myth that the British military spread during WWII to explain how their pilots could see Nazi bombers from so far away. They didn't want the Germans knowing about their new radar technology. While it is theoretically possible that the beta carotene in carrots could improve your eyesight, you would have to eat more than practical -- enough that you would OD on Vitamin A before seeing any noticeable effect of the beta carotene.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    No, you misunderstood me, maybe as an result of my not so good English. I wrote: "will help you to overcome your night blindness and bad eyesight that are results of the lack of the vitamin." The vitamine A will only better a night blindness, that is a result of a lack of vitamin A. Not any other kind of night blindness. And you can refill the lack of vitamin A by eating foods that contain vitamin A, resp. beta-carotin that is built to vitamin A in the body to be exact. But you can not improve your normal human eyesight to an eagle eye(sight) by eating carrots. The human body does not need too much vitamin A (resp. beta carotine), two carrots a day will do it. Again not to see sharper in any way but to fight your specific night blindness.