How to Improve the Clamping of Parts to Bed of 3d

Introduction: How to Improve the Clamping of Parts to Bed of 3d

A very common problem when performing 3D printing is that the pieces are detached from the bed with the impression still ongoing. The plastics used by 3D printers requiretemperatures and a very specific flow so that everything goesperfect and it often happens that the bed and the filament of the first layers do not mix. We notice to see how the edges of the figure begins to rise reaching a height of severalmillimeters. Luckily we have a trick to improve the gripof 3D impressions on the bed in our 3D printer.

Step 1: Bed Temperaturs

Bed temperature

Many of the programs we use in 3D printers take default values between 50 and 70 ° C for bed 3D printer, this value is variable and the interesting thing is that we change our own experience. The arc temperature can be between:

PLA: Between 20 and 90 ABS: Between 70 and 120 Bed temperature used depend on the material, including the manufacturer or exact composition. It is difficult to indicate a standard temperature so it is essential trial and error with fast print pieces to set the printer to the maximum.

Step 2: Edge for Better Grip

Room temperature

Temperature and humidity are important and drafts. Many printers include a fan that cools the extrudate nothing but settle in his cloak airflow however small can make all vary so that the impression is not properly cooled and peeled. It is important to achieve a stable room temperature.

Laca in bed

The base has to have enough hair spray, do not worry you never see the reflection of the glass, so that it is lacquer.

Edge or brim for better grip

The option to generate an edge that extends the base of the piece we are 3D printing is one of the best options if we are in the situation of not getting the perfect temperature for our bed, space and not to apply lacquer. The brim is a solution which subsequently give us a little more work because you have to remove the final piece but offers few millimeters added to improve the clamping surface of the workpiece in bed. Slic3r allows us to set the edge or the appropriate tab brim Print Settings> Skirt and Brim.

Step 3:

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