How to Install RJ45 Plug in 5 Minutes

Introduction: How to Install RJ45 Plug in 5 Minutes

this little trick will make you happy, if you ever spent half an hour fingering around.

Step 1: Straighten the Cables

Step 2: Clamp Them Neatly on Order

Step 3: Cut at Perfect Length ! WATCH OUT, See Comments

The image is wrong here, you should cut them way shorter! In the end, the plug should cover the thick shielding of the network cable.

See the comment section for more information.

Step 4: Slide on Connector, Check If Cables Are in Right Order

Step 5: Make Sure They Are Going Until the End

Step 6: Use Your Rj45 Plug Tool and Clamp It

Step 7: Finished

Step 8: Check Quickly If Both Ends Are Wired Correctly

turn one of the plugs 180 degrees, and hold them together. the colors should be parallel.

you're welcome!



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    6 Discussions

    You cut the wires too long. They will break soon if you use the cable often. If it's a set it and forget it installation, then it's ok

    2 replies

    you are correct! i will add a warning to that step, and change the picture as soon as i can.

    I must agree, you stripped it a little too long. the insulation should be past the notch. that way when you crimp the cable it will be tightened under the notch, now the notch is touching nothing so if you pull the cable, it's possible it will malfunction.

    Apart from the visual check, get a cheap 2-part RJ45 tester, which can check the continuity of all the lines and show up any open-shorted-crossed wiring. Very handy. You don't need the full featured ones that can measure the cable length etc as they are for pro use.

    Like this one :-

    Use of clamp is such a simple and clever idea! Instead of squeezing and trying to align between the fingers... Thank you!