How to Install a Free IPhone Monitoring Application?

How to install on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in 5 minutes a free monitoring application?

1. Launch the Cydia application (if you can’t find it in the springboard, please Click here to Jailbreak the iDevice)
2. Tape on the Manage button
3. Select Sources
4. Tape on the Edit button
5. Tape on the Add button
6. Enter the link and tape on the Add Source button
7. Wait a few minutes then tape on the Return to Cydia button
8. Select the line 1Mole
9. Tape on the Install button and Confirm button
10. Wait a few minutes then tape on the Reboot device button (if a Push alert appear, tape on the OK button)
11. When the iDevice has reboot, go in Search, tape the code 123456 then tape on the Search button
12. Tape on the Sign in button, enter the ID of your Bosspy account then tape on the Quit button



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