How to Install a Motherboard

   Installing a motherboard is so easy, but you should be careful.  The motherboard
Is the most important thing in computer.  Without a motherboard the
Computer is not working.  So i will teach you how to install a motherboard.

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Step 1: Open the Case.

the first step you need to open the screw of case.  And be careful
When you open it.

Step 2: Screw Nuts Into Place.

After we open the case you can see holes for screw nuts.  Now take the screw nuts
And install them on all the holes in the case.

Step 3: Installing the Motherboard.

You should be careful.  Because the motherboard is very sensitive.  so
You must be focus when you put it on.  You can find the holes for
Screw in the motherboard.  Put the holes at screw nuts in the case.  Now
Install the screw in motherboard and make sure it well be not move.

Step 4: The Motherboard Is Ready.

Now we have done. i think everyone knows how
To do it. if you want to make your computer ready, just install the
Other devices.

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