How to Install a Trolling Motor Receptacle on a Sailboat



Introduction: How to Install a Trolling Motor Receptacle on a Sailboat

I use my sailboat on a small lake that does not permit gas motors.  And using a small electric trolling motor connected to a 12 volt battery in the cockpit was both a tripping hazard as well as not all that attractive.   Another disadvantage was that one battery would not give me the range that I wanted.

This little video-ible shows a trolling motor plug and receptacle as well as a 2 battery set up for an old Venture 17 sailboat.

The run time has been a nice added benefit of having two batteries wired in parallel.  The trolling motor is a 12 volt 55# thrust motor.  With the motor set on the highest setting the 1,000 (+/-) pound boat will go almost 4mph for about 3.5 hours.  Slower speeds will last all day.

Thanks for watching.

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