How to Install Those Tiny Little Eyelets in the Grommets on RC Servos

Introduction: How to Install Those Tiny Little Eyelets in the Grommets on RC Servos

I've been doing model airplanes for about a century.  ....................... OK, actually I've been doing them since about the middle of the last century.  Seems like a looooong time.  I've picked up some information along the way.  Some of it original and some of it from others.  I figure I better share some of it before I forget it all.  I'm told if you sleep on your side, a lot of it can fall out of your ears at night.  So I try to sleep on my back.  I also try to interject a bit of humor.  Keeps people from falling asleep.  And you know what happens when you fall asleep!

OK, this is a simple Instructable, but a really valuable little tip if you do many servos at all.  I'm now into planes requiring up to seventeen gazillion servos, but even if you are doing only four, you should appreciate this tip.

I will assume that you already know that the eyelets go in from the bottom, not the top.  There is a very good and important reason for this and if enough people don't know why, perhaps I could write another Instructable on that point.

Let's get started.

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Step 1: Here's How Not to Do It

I have pretty small hands, but they still seem like all thumbs when trying to stuff those little buggers in. 

Step 2: Slide Them on Your Screwdriver

First you install the rubber grommets.  This is pretty simple and does not require any special skills ................ or an Instructable.

You probably have a set of small screwdrivers, maybe a set of jewelers screwdrivers.  Find one that fits the eyelets.  If you don't have one, you can substitute a drill bit that fits.  If you have a set of Number drills, you can find one that fits perfectly.  But you will find it easier with the small screwdriver and those sets are like dirt cheap at the local cheap tool store.  I use a Phillips, but a straight slot screwdriver will work just as well

Slide the four eyelets onto the screwdriver.  They do not have to fit the screwdriver perfectly, but close is good.  This one is perfect and makes easy work of installing them.

Step 3: Insert Them From the Bottom...

Then it is a simple matter of pushing the screwdriver up from the bottom into the rubber grommets.  One, two................

Step 4: Done!

........................... three four.  And you are done!  Like I said, a really simple deal but it makes it a lot easier. 

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