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Hi, today Im going to show you how to instantly cool down any drink! Its super easy, fun and its a great life hack that you can use in hot summer weather. The only thing that kind of sucks is that the bottle is small and you can't fit a lot of your drink into it, but that's easily fixed by doing this only with a larger bottle. Only it will take longer to freeze. : /

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

Let's start by gathering our materials:

-Plastic water bottle with cap

-Kitchen sink


-Drink that you want to chill

-Drinking glass or cup

-Funnel (Optional)

Step 2: Preparation

Start by filling the plastic bottle with cold drinkable water to the top and screwing on the cap.

Place the bottle in your freezer and maker sure the cap is on tight.

Wait until the water in the bottle completely freezes.

Take the bottle out of your freezer and open the cap.

Wait for the ice to melt a little so that there is a little gap between the walls of the bottle and the ice.

Now pour hot tap water in the bottle so the ice melts faster.

When you're done, look at the second picture of the water bottle. That's about how much ice there should remain.

Fill the glass about halfway with your drink and pour the drink through the funnel and into the bottle.

As you see, about half of the glass fills the bottle up to the top of the sticker on the bottle, so results will vary according to how much room there is between the ice and bottle.

Remember, you can always add more drink to the bottle if so desired.

*The drink gets cold in seconds because the space between the ice and bottle is so thin*

Now close the cap on the bottle tightly and flip the bottle upside down 2 times.

This is better to do quickly so that the ice wont have time to melt into your drink and ruin the taste.

Take the cap off of the bottle and quickly pour the drink into the glass and its ready to serve.

Make sure the bottle is more or less dry and put it back in the freezer so that the ice won't melt. Thus you can reuse it as many times as you want!



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    20 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    How I ice my coffee without watering it down:

    * Freeze an empty aluminum soda can about 3/4 full of water.
    * Wash/clean the outside of the can thoroughly—it will be in contact with the drink.
    * Put the beverage in a large cup.
    * Float the can in the top of the cup.
    * Wait for the ice to melt.
    ** If the ice melts completely (as would happen with hot drinks), swap in a fresh ice can to continue cooling the drink.
    ** If the melting slows to nearly a halt, you're done—the drink and the ice are about the same temperature, so no more cooling is taking place.
    * Remove the can, wash or rinse off the outside, and put it back in the freezer to be used again.
    * Enjoy your rather colder yet refreshingly not-watered-down beverage.

    It takes me about a can and a half to cool off a freshly brewed 10oz coffee, but if you're starting at room temperature just one will work nicely.

    The can, being very thin and made of a thermally conductive material, does a good job of letting the ice quickly absorb the thermal energy—almost as fast as just using the ice—while preventing the meltwater from diluting the drink.

    I snipped out the tops of the cans so I can just fill them with ice if I've neglected to refreeze the cans in a timely fashion. This involves a little less preparation, but it also wastes a bit of water—use judiciously.

    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    that is pretty smart, did you come up with hat yourself? thats a pretty good lifehack.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    There's a good chance you've heard this one before, but in the off chance you haven't... One great way to make iced coffee without watering it down is to pre-make coffee ice cubes! I do this with the left over coffee in the pot. You can even pre-sweeten (add cream, etc.).


    3 years ago

    Doesn't this take longer than simply putting the drink in the fridge and waiting for it to cool down?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    There is just the problem that if you wanna save up your soda, and not drink it right away, the Ice will melt and the soda will become condensed with water, which sucks. Also, the soda will lose fizz after first opening. I agree, It just works to put a wet towel around the bottle and chuck it in freezer for 10 mins.


    4 years ago lost me at the "add hot water" thing. if you don't want to go the "half a bottle of frozen water" route, and since we're going for something simpler than ice cubes, pour the water out of the bottle into a glass, wrap a rubber band around the empty bottle, fill it back up with some of the water you just took out, freeze the water in the bottle, take it out of the freezer, undo the rubber band, add pop etc. for me personally, I'll just add ice.


    4 years ago

    Adding ice to cool down a drink! Whoa I can't believe nobody thought of this before... Oh wait they have.


    4 years ago

    Thinking that it's only practical for water, like artworker said, fill halfway, freeze for later, pour water in, go. With soda/pop/soda pop, I think it's just faster to use ice. Good thinking though.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes because, there is a thin gap between the ice and the bottle so you're the drink cools down faster than just normal ice cubes.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Almost the same thing I do! I fill half the bottle with water and freeze it horizontally. When the water freezes the ice is dislodged from the sides and is standing in the middle of the bottle exactly as yours! To increase the surface area I try to break the ice in multiple pieces by hitting the bottle with the back of a knife! Nice ible!

    1 reply

    I've always had good luck wrapping a can of soda with a wet paper towel and throwing it in the freezer for 10 minutes.


    4 years ago

    Does the soda get flat?