How to Insulate a Baby Bottle Using Sugru




Introduction: How to Insulate a Baby Bottle Using Sugru

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The purpose of this instructable is to detail the use of Sugru in insulating a baby bottle. The purpose behind putting Sugru on a baby bottle it to make the bottle easier to grip, protect the bottle from shattering, and help the bottle maintain a more constant temperature. Also few things are cuter than a baby holding their own bottle.

Be sure to follow all directions on the Sugru packaging. Read it thoroughly so you know how to properly handle it.

I had a few problems working with the Sugru and I hope that you can learn from my mistakes.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

Gather your materials and tools. Make sure you get everything you might need. Trust me you do not want to being and realize you need something. Sugru has a 30 minute period during which you can work with it, but if you have to go searching for a tool then you will be rushed.

Sugru: I used green and blue
Baby Bottle, Nurture Pure glass baby bottle

Rolling Pin
Plastic Wrap
Scissors, for opening Sugru Packaging
Working tools, for making straight edges
Something to give the Sugru texture, I used the bottom of a Cracker Barrel take home box

Step 2: Making the Template

I try to follow the carpenter's rule; "Measure twice cut once". I didn't want to make any mistakes, and I really wanted the bottle to look as nice a possible. However you will see that the carpenter's rule is no match for Murphy's law.

I measured the bottle by wrapping a strip of paper around it and drawing a line. I cut a notch in the strip so I would have a little window to see the measurements on the bottle. Then I measured the bottom of the bottle. I was going to use these templates to get the Sugru into the general shape I wanted and then adhere it to the bottle.

Step 3: Preparing the Sugru

With my templates made I was ready to begin working with the Sugru. I cut a section of plastic wrap to put the Sugru between while I used the rolling pin to flatten it. I placed the plastic wrap on top of the template to guide my rolling.

I cut open a package of green Sugru. Only to realize that the Sugru was dried out. I don't know how it happened, but the first package I opened was dried out into a silicone lump, Murphy's Law - 1 me - 0. I opened the other two packages of green that I had and they were fine. Murphy's Law - 1 me - 1

I rolled out the two packages of Sugru between my hands into thin snakes and placed them on the plastic wrap which was on top of the template. I folded the plastic wrap over the Sugru so it would not get on the rolling pin.

I rolled out the Sugru using the rolling pin. Then I tried to get the Sugru off the plastic wrap and it did not want to unstick from the plastic wrap. Murphy's Law - 2 me - 1

Step 4: Applying and Texturing the Sugru

I removed the Sugru from the plastic wrap, while attempting to keep it as flat as possible. I pressed it to the baby bottle and smoothed it out. The two packages were not enough to cover as much as I wanted so I opened two more packages of blue. 

The first package I put around the top of the bottle. I rolled out a ball of Sugru to press to the bottom of the bottle. I flipped the bottle upside down and applied the ball of Sugru. I pressed it into the Sugru lining the sides.

I used the bottom of a Cracker Barrel to go box that I cut up to give the Sugru texture. The plastic from the box did not stick to the Sugru, and so was very effective in adding texture to the Sugru. Murphy's Law - 2 me - 2

Step 5: What We Learned

1. Sugru sticks to plastic wrap.
2. Sugru does not stick to Cracker Barrel to go boxes.
3. Babies are cute.
4. Sugru is awesome

I allowed the Sugru to dry for the recommended 24 hours plus some. I let the baby have it and she had no problem holding on to it.  We washed it in the dishwasher and it came out looking fine. The Sugru insulates, protects, and gives the bottle a grip. What great stuff!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Although Sugru is silicone and considered food-safe, it does contain some nasty chemicals. If a child consumes it or some of the chemicals seep into the bottle it could harm a child. I would recommended not using it where a small child may put it in it's mouth or use with food containers. Babies are extremely sensitive to solvents such as xylene. By washing the sugru in a dishwasher on the bottle you may cause chemicals to rub off onto and into other containers.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The bottle is glass, so I don't know about chemical seeping into it, but thanks for the comment. I will be careful about washing the bottle and how it is used.


    9 years ago on Step 5

    Excellent instructable, ehud! Great writing too.