How to Jailbreak an IPod Touch 4th Generation




Introduction: How to Jailbreak an IPod Touch 4th Generation


As you may know, jailbreaking an iPod is breaching apples security on the divide, therefor breaching any warrant. you should read up on jailbreaking before beginning this project.

please do not report me for doing this tutorial, it is your choice to make if you want to jailbreak your iDevice.


This tutorial explains how to jailbreak an iPod running IOS 6.1.x(0,1, 2 3,4,6)

ps. this is the untethered jailbreak.

note: I did not come up with this way on my own, I used

and sites describing posixspwn.


Step 1: The Materials and the Downloads

The first thing you need is to make sure you have the right stuff.

You will need...

-An iPod touch 4th generation running IOS 6.1.(0,1,2,3)

-A computer to tether it to.(i used my macbook air)

a charging USB cord to connect the iPod to the computer(standard apple cord)

The ability to download software


1-Read up on it. Make sure you know what your doing.

2-Back up your iDevice through iTunes or iCloud.

3-Make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes.

4-If your device has a passcode lock, turn it off! you can put it back on when the jailbreaking is finished(after the end of this tutorial)


You will need to download two separate things, the application redsn0w and the firmware.

step 1-download redsn0w. Go to (again, i did not find this link on my own) and click on version Redsn0w 0.9.15 beta 3. click on your computer type(windows, mac) and you will be brought to the download page. Download the file and wait.

while you wait, you can download the firmware. Go to . Once on the site, go to the download IOS-jailbreak tab at the top left corner.

Then scroll down to the get widget.


Ther are three categories you fill in. The iDevice, the model and the IOS version. fill in the first slot with whatever device you have. Fill the next slot with your iPod model(or iPad, or iPhone). The last slot is the one you won't expect. YOU MUST PUT IN IOS 6.0.0 NO MATTER WHAT IOS VERSION YOU ACTULY HAVE. When this is done, click the download button and wait.

Step 2: The Jailbreak

Once redsn0w and the firmware are downloaded, drag both to the desktop for easy access. Open the redsn0w folder and you will see five files and applications. Open the application redsn0w. Now plug your i device into your computer using your cable.


First click on extras. then go to select IPSW. IPSW is iPhone software. navigate to iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw (this is the firmware you just downloaded). it looks like a white lego block with a music note on one side and an iPod on the other. Click on it and a message will pop up. Click OK and go back to the main page and click jailbreak. Now since I already jailbroke my iPod I can't show you picture of a few steps, so I will do my best to describe them. You will need to select jailbreak options. MAKE SURE CYDIA IS SELECTED! you will eventually be told to put your divice into DFU mode.(device firmware upgrade) To do this follow the instructions

1-Hold the Power button on your iOS device down for 3 seconds:

2- Now simultaneously hold the Home button and keep the two buttons pressed for 10 seconds:

3- Now release the Power button while keeping the Home button pressed until Redsn0w detects the device:

your iDevice should reboot now


you will be notified when the process is complete. click OK then QUIT


while you are waiting, read up on teethed and unteathed jailbreaking.

Step 3: Now the Device...

When the jailbreak is done, your device will reboot again. THIS MAY TAKE UP TO TEN MINNUTS. AGAIN, BE PATIENT!

you will see your home screen, but cydia will not be on it. DO NOT PANIC.

You now need to boot teethed jailbreak. You will switch to unteathed in a bit.

to start off...

launch redsn0w again on your computer and keep your iPod connected. go to extras, then to select IPSW. select iPod4,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw again, but this time go to just boot.

Follow the onscreen instructions about turning your iPod off and the DFU.

Your iDevice will reboot again, with a pineapple logo, indicating a teethed boot. WAIT AGAIN.

When your iDevice turns back on, unlock it and look for the cydia logo. It looks like a brown and white box.

If you can't find it, look for it in spotlight.


Step 4: The Final Step:Untethering Your Divice

please go to a tutorial on cydia. I recommend .

Once you know the ropes, go to search. search p0sixspwn. click install at the top right(once it is installed, that tab will be switched to modify, like mine). your iPod will restart and when it comes back on, your done.

Step 5: Some Recommendations

Now that your iPod is jailbroken, here are some Cyida apps.

look up how to install them online

1-winterboard - to customize your iPod(note, you will need to download mods through winter board)

2-AppCake- to get paid apps for free(NOTE: NOT LEAGAL)

3-activator - for instant and easy flow on your iPod

Have fun




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    4 Discussions

    thought you said this is the untethered jailbreak?
    its the tethered one, thanks for wasting my time

    2 replies

    well if u were paying attention an knew anything about jailbreaking any iproduct then you wouldnt have wasted your time but the person who posted this specifically said they didnt come up with this process ny themselves which tells me that he doesnt know what he is talking about here so dont get all pissy at this guy cuz he doesnt even know what he is saying or doing ,he was just trying to b nice an share some information that he thought people woulf find helpful,, so if u want something more precise then i suggest you dont come to instructables lol because this place is very basic and just abunch of people that are just "i thinkers" deffinatly not professionals like you sir

    Are you saying that this method doesn't work?


    2 years ago

    i'm really thankful for. i never thought someone like me could get even close to accomplish this sort of tasks (so bizarre for me). great pedagogy and easy steps.

    keep on going!!

    From south america