How to Jailbreak Ipod Touch With Firmware 4.2.1 or Lower





Introduction: How to Jailbreak Ipod Touch With Firmware 4.2.1 or Lower

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This is my first instructable on how to jailbreak an ipod touch with firmware 4.2.1 or lower.  Jailbreaking you ipod gives you many opportunities for free stuff like music and videos, you have a theme on your ipod and so much more.  A lot of people may think it takes a genius to jailbreak an ipod touch but I'm 15 and i have jailbroken 4 out of 4 i have tried to.  also it is an un-tethered jailbreak and it doesnt work for 2nd gen ipod touches that are mc models.  you can find out the model the same place the firmware is.

Step 1: Check Your Firmware

check your firmware to make sure it is 4.2.1 or lower. go to setting then general and it is under version.

Step 2: Go to the Website

go to the website then follow the instructions on the picture.

Step 3: Save the File

Step 4: Install/ Open Greenpois0n

Step 5: Jailbreak Your Ipod

instructions are on the picture.

Step 6: Download Cydia

go to your ipod and on the last page there is an app titled loader. open tht and download cydia.



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    its easy powerer of the ipod

    push the home button and pug it into the computer

    open itunes and click ipod then restore

    wait while it dose that

    enjoy your working ipod:-)

    To download the file go to:

    Thx so much! so easy to do, and so worth it

    i cant open the cydia app

    I have a iPod 2nd Gen. And I'm wondering if there is anyway that I can jailbreak it? I've downloaded the same software twice and I tired to jailbreak it and it shows the apple logo with a skull design and then when I unlock it, I do not see a "Loader" application. Can you help me?

    1 reply

    hi i have the same problem

    following the DFU steps correctly but it keeps telling me to retry. what am i suppose to do?!!!

    Actually, greenpois0n still exists, their website just got shutdown. You can get it from here:

    so I did the whole jailbreak thing and that worked, and the loader app was on the last page and I installed cydia, but when I go to open cydia it just automatically closes. help? haha

    thanks worked a treat accidently updated my ipod tried every type of jailbreak redsn0w sn0wbreeze limera1n blackra1n used blackra1n before my update but nothing worked ... followed your steps now i have the loader and cydia back

    i have everything downloaded but for some reason its not letting me have the apps

    It keeps failing to jailbreak, the DFU works and i start the jailbreak, at first it went black and failed and wouldnt turn on, tried agian and it ent white and didnt work, shal i just keep trying?

    me too after those black screen with messages running, the apple icon becomes the poison apple icon.. I waited for quite a while and I'm glad that it was gone and I was in my home page and i looked at the last page, there is an app named Loader and so I am now downloading cydia... wow, thanks a lot, I did jailbreak my ipod on my own using your guide... so happy! :)