How to Juggle Three Clubs

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I thought it's be nice to learn to juggle three clubs (as opposed to balls). I don't claim to be any kind of expert at this, but this is how I went and it was much easier then I thought.


Step 1: Learn 3 Balls

First, you need to be fairly solid at three balls.

There is another instructable for this at
. Also there is ample instruction for doing it elsewhere. It's not that hard, but make no mistake, having a 3 ball cascade pretty solid before going for the clubs is not optional.

Step 2: Play With One Club Quit a Bit

These are from instructions, I kick myself as I speak for not taking pics of making them but his instructions are pretty clear and they turn into pretty good clubs. Someone might write it up, perhaps me perhaps someone else.

Anyhow, toss it in a full turn catching it correctly and then back and forth to between the hands. Sorta like doing one ball in the 3 ball cascade learning pattern, but get used to it a bit more - accuracy counts more then with balls. Keep it up for a while even if it looks odd - it's important to have a good feel for the club.

Step 3: Do 1 Club 2 Balls

Do your normal 3 ball cascade, replacing one of the balls with a club. I find it easiest to start with two balls in one hand (please, no dirty jokes :-)), starting with the club after throwing one of them at the other hand.

Again, make sure you are comfortable doing this for at least a good while without missing. It will only get harder, so having it down helps.

Step 4: 2 Clubs 1 Ball

You guessed it, lets take out another ball and replace it with a club. Again, it's good to have it solid. Experiment with different ways to start, toss a ball from two at the club hand, a club from two clubs to the ball hand, etc. Get used to two spinning clubs.

Step 5: 3 Clubs

Go for broke.

You will start missing more, don't worry about that. There are various opinions about how to hold the two clubs, one of which will have to be thrown. Feel it out, getting the first throw pretty decent will be the hardest part if you're used to 2 clubs 1 ball. Try to grip pretty high on the clubs, below balance point but not all the way down. The first throw (and I'm reemphasizing this) is key, likely you'll lose it in the first three-four catches because you're already off balance to start with but once the pattern hits you'll keep going until you get jittery about doing it and lose it that way. Keep picking them up and restarting it. Also play with stance, one foot forward, more even, knees bent, etc - there is no single concept that works across the board but finding one for you makes a big difference.

Step 6: Done

Keep doing it a lot. Don't worry, it's very addictive and hard to stop doing so getting more practice isn't hard.

Let me once again disclaim - I'm not very good at this. I'm just some guy who took four days or so to get this down and this is how I did it.



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    7 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for this fantastic tutorial - breaks it down into really simple steps and explains them very well. I got some clubs for Christmas and I'm comfortable (though a bit shaky on stopping) already.

    Fish Nerd

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Job, when I was learning my friend and I spent two days getting hit with our clubs, and then bought a set of torches and went for it. The incentive not to get hit is greater with the danger of fire, plus once you get it your a superhero!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    That's pretty much a good way to move onto club juggling. I just thought I'd comment to say that the 3 (odd number) object basic pattern is a cascade, a fountain is the basic pattern for 4 (even number) objects. Just a small correction.

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    You, sir, are correct. I don't use the terms much, so I used the wrong one. I've corrected the descriptions to reflect this. Thank you.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Very good, and nice to have the video as well. Been juggling for years, have a lot of tricks. Learned over a Thanksgiving holiday with 4 or 5 grocery sacks full of oranges from our neighbor and a half gallon of Southern Comfort. Woke up on the floor, the apartment strewn with oranges, but I could juggle. That was 25 years ago. Now it's on to clubs, but I'm too old to use the Southern Comfort technique now. Thanks for your instruction, I'm off to put it in practice.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I have been juggling for years and if you're looking to develop perfect technique (which you need for juggling fire, especially) once you learn clubs, try to juggle them whilst facing the edge of a corner.. Hard to explain, if anyone cares, I can draw a diagram :-P Nice instructable though.