How to Jump Start a Vehicle




My first Instructable. Very easy to do. don't be so harsh. THX?! :)

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Step 1: All You Need Is Two Things!

The jumper cable (that sells for about $20-$50) can be bought at your local auto zone or checkers auto parts. The price may vary on the quality and gauge of the wire. The car is of course the second thing. the car must have an OK battery to jump start another vehicle.

Step 2: Connecting!

A) before connecting booster battery, make 10000000000% sure that the swich is in the off position.
C) Both vehicles must not touch eachother!!!!!!!

connect red jumper cable(+) to the positive terminal of each batery. Then connect one end ofthe black (-) jumper cable to the negative terminal of the booster battery while the other end is gounded to something such as a bolt or braket on the engine block

Step 3: Ignition

start the engine of the booster battery, then while booster battery car is @ idol speed. Then finally disconnect the cables in the reverse order of the connection

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    Reply 10 years ago on Step 3

    Good start. Would suggest some photos of two cars being connected up. Also, to prevent the risk of electrical damage, the booster car should be switched off. It is the battery power you are using, not its alternator.