How to Keep a Paint Fresh for a Long Time





Introduction: How to Keep a Paint Fresh for a Long Time

Here is a simpple but very effective lifehack that will allow you to keep a paint fresh for a very long period.

Step 1: How a Good Paint Is Wasted

Most of us who paint have experienced this: you buy a can of good expensive paint, use it on your fence or chair, then close it and put it aside.

5-8 months later you need it again, but when you open the can you see something similar to this photo: the paint has dried up, you can hardly make any use of it.

Step 2: Here's a Simpple Trick That Will Keep the Paint Fresh

I got sick and tired of wasting good expensive paints.

So here's what I came with: I transfer the paint into a plastic bottle. Then I squeeze the bottle untill the paint (or varnish, primer or whathever you got there) goes all the way to the edge of the bottle. Then you screw the cap tightly and leave no air to oxidize and dry your paint.

That's all. Every time you use a little bit of the paint, squeeze the bottle again leaving no air to contact with the content.

Using this simple method I managed to keep a bottle of primer and use it for over 3 years!



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    i use oil base paint alot on my home exterior. i tsf some to another container, as i dont want the gallon container of paint to be exposed to the air . sealing the paint back up is the trick. my secret and it has worked for years. and i no longer have those randum gewey things flosting around and never need to strain paint. cut a circle lager then the can by 1/2 inch diameter of wax paper and lay it on top of the paint pushing the edges to the inside sides then put the lid on tight with a hammer
    don't ever pock holes along the edges for drips that will ruin the seal
    when you open it back up the wax paper will pull off with a small amount of paint it will pull away clean leaving no gewy inside. been working for me for 20 years

    keeping the paint smooth after opening

    A problem I have run into with metal cans is that if you do manage to keep the paint from drying out eventually the can gets rusty. I have even had some cans rust holes in them and then leak. Some paints now are being put in plastic cans which is much like the plastic bottle. I wonder if you have those plastic cans if you can fill the bottle with water and then seal it and put it in the can to take up the empty space.

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    Isn't is easier just to clean the sides of the lid and can ?
    I always assumed paint dries out is because there is an incomplete seal.
    How do you store the bottles ? It seems like a pain since they don't stack.
    Does the solvent evaporate trough the plastic?
    I don't want to be negative this are just some questions that pop into mind.

    This may be a good alternative to how most people store paint and reduce wasted paint.

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    No mather how tightly you seal the can, there is always air that remains in. And it is this air that ruins your paint. Solvent cannot evaporate, I have bottles with paint that stay for 2-3 years and are still fresh.

    Well that's a very simple and awesome idea! Have you noticed varnish wanting to eat through the bottle at all?

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    No, this bottle plastic is different. Varnish quickly eats PP plastic, used for disposable dishes and cups, but not this one, that coca-cola and other bottles are made of.