How to Keep Prying Eyes Off Your "stuff"!!!


Introduction: How to Keep Prying Eyes Off Your "stuff"!!!

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This is my first Instructable so don't go too hard on me if it doesn't work...

This Instructable will teach you how to keep people from seeing your "private stuff" that you do on the computer. You may be hiding a huge secret, or just playing around. This method is completely fool-proof.

Step 1: The Program

We will be using a program called bosskey. You can download it here: Once you have downloaded it, unzip it and put it somewhere safe...
Double click bosskey.exe. A window should pop up and there will be various fields and buttons.
At the top of the Window, there will be a note saying "Show this window" Next to it will be a field. Click the field. Now every key you press will be the key to show the application window. Type in <shift> <~>. The ~ is right above the Tab key. Next we have the key to switch the desktops (hide whatever you have on screen). Click on the field and type in `. The ` is the exact same key as last only without holding shift. Now click OK. That closes the bosskey window. The desktop switcher is now active!!!!! Open up your "secrets" and press `. Hopefully they will Disappear or you have serious problems.

NOTE: There is a glitch with bosskey. When you hover the cursor over a folder or file, the help box comes up. If you hit ` while the box is still up, you get the outline of the box on the other desktop. Not only is this very annoying, but it can draw attention to someone looking at your screen.


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    My rule of thumb, don't hide things, it doesn't get you anywhere, (and its not fun to get caught, *ahem* surfing the web when doing research papers). But, on my flash drive I like to use apps like the Portable Apps Platform , found at, or Appetizer at I like to use emulators from , (where you can get games from Portable programs are found at and
    : )

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    I used to use portable apps, but when the IT teacher at my school discovered them on my usb, things turned ugly...

    Yeah, but you're not supposed to use your own programs at school. You are supposed to use the school's facilities, not your own and they can do bad things that the school's stuff can't

    You said it! I love bosskey... I have been hiding stuff from my parents for ages now. (two years). What other programs are you using? I am really interested. If you don't want to post them here, then please PM me