How to Repair Your Debilitated Weber Grill W/ Duct Tape

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Here's my Weber Grill  . Beaten and well used and ready for Craigslist on the Free Take me Ads , It Doesn't sit well  uses too much propane Cylinders ,

Step 1: Old Trusty

My Old Trusty Roll of Duct Tape , Still Sticky as the day i Got it

Step 2: Batten Down the Hatches

since the strap doesn't work if you have the drip tray in place its kind of useless so i used   The Duct Tape to Bind the feet to the stand on both sides,(the back feet have slots ) this will last about two or more months until it starts to get greasy and give away , Oh ya and also keep the grill down from Tipping Back when your in a Mad Dash To Save The  Burgers from Being a Crispy Stain on the Grill :(   That's another Story

Step 3: The Hanging

here is one of the not so sturdy shelves That cant hold a plate of 4 Rib-eye steaks !! also another Story !! at least they can hold a Spatula and the Scraper/brush , I didn't have any Leather Lashings like Expensive Utensils have So  i used Duct Tape through the eye hole of Both Utensils.

Step 4: FREE Take Me .......

Craigslist ad Pending, if not  i will convert to a Wood Burning Grill



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