How to Kick-start a Motorcycle




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A step by step guide to kick-starting a motorcycle with bonus how to jump-start a motorcycle.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    This cycle has a de-compression valve, it makes kickstarting too easy!! Mine does not, and even since its a 250, it still needs a bit of stength to kick over. The stoke on which you kick it at is also important on many, or else it will kick back through the lever and slap the bottom of your foot really hard!!!

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    A Honda is what makes kick starting too easy.LOL! One of my other bikes is a 250 Montesa has a Honda engine and requires a little more power to kick it. The kick back results in a sliced calf. My guys 2001 Honda 400 actually needs to be leaned over before you can attempt to kick it. By priming the engine, it starts in 2 kicks.


    A note on push starting: Before you do what was shown, put the bike in first, let out the clutch, and roll backwards untill you can feel compression (you probably wont be able to move past that point). This will bring the piston to TDC and will force it to go through an exhaust cycle before the compression cycle (in a 4 stroke). This is good because the engine will gain some momentum before the compression cycle. If you dont do this the bike might start like normal, or on a light bike (especially dirt bikes) you might simply lock the back wheel up. Also; If your engine is having a tough time push starting, simply gather a lot of speed and skip the pull in the clutch part. Just give it a bit of throttle while the engine is turning over and drive away. Never try to tow the bike behind something to start it.