How to Level Your Image on Fabric for the Embroidery Machine



In this Instructable you will learn how to attach an embroidery hoop to your fabric so your image will be stitched parallel to the top and bottom of your fabric.

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Step 1: Align Your Fabric Along Two Perpendicular Lines

Lay the fabric you plan on embroidering on a flat surface which has two perpendicular lines, in this case I am using a cutting mat as my reference.  Square up your fabric along a vertical and horizontal line.

Step 2: Align Ruler Over Fabric

Lay ruler over fabric and line up both edges of the ruler along a horizontal line of your cutting mat or other reference guide.  Use fabric chalk or pen to draw a line along the ruler.

Step 3: Attach Hoop and Grid Guide

Place the hoop on your fabric without tightening the hoop.  Place the grid guide over the upper portion of your hoop and move the fabric around until the line drawn directly on the fabric lines up with a horizontal line on the grid guide.

Step 4: Tighten the Hoop

Remove the grid guide and tighten the hoop over your fabric.

Step 5: Start Embroidering

Once you have tightened the hoop, attach to the embroidery machine.  Your image will be parallel to the top and bottom of your fabric.

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