How to Light a Fire Without Matches!




How to light a fire with battery and steel wool!

Step 1: Getting Equipment

You will need:
9v battery
Steel wool
Collection of sticks
Larger logs

Step 2: Preparing the Equipment

Break up the steel wool into smaller balls and pull into a strand.
Organise the sticks into piles of large, medium and small. So you have them at the ready.
Have the tissue ready to place the steel wool into

Step 3: Lighting the Wool

Place the battery onto the wool, and it should spark, if not keep rubbing it on the wool. If it still doesn't light then you may need a new battery.
Once it is alight place the wool into the tissue and gently blow on the wool.
From this fire you can cook, use it for heat and many other things.

Step 4: Getting It Going

Place the smaller sticks on to the flame, don't overload the fire with to many sticks. Once those sticks are burning place the medium sticks and keep it topped up with the larger ones.

Step 5: Putting It Out

Once you have finished using the fire, you can put it out with water, sand or anything else to put it out.



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