Ohio City Survival

Introduction: Ohio City Survival

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I recently moved out on my own......well over a year atleast, and i learned quite a few things while living in a cheap place in a depressing neighborhood with nasty trees (sweet-gum ect), in ...Ohio

It's an experience....like community bathrooms

So here is an instructable on how to survive living like this

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Step 1: The People

Neighbors & Roomates keep the place interesting

Your roomate:  Lay down the law, sometimes you have to impose conflict just the way life goes, dont be afraid to say hey pick up your 4 fast food bags in the living room, they've been there for 2 days (my roomate eats fast food daily...highly unrecomended his girlfriend has put on substantial weight eating with him)

The criminal neighbor:  This guy has multiple felonies for....well idk i was too afraid to ask, usually you dont find out about this until it's too late though, so keep an eye out until you know him, he may turn out to be cool and give you free smashburger!

The crazy lady:  that snoopy neighbor always staring at you and creepily standing in the street in the middle of the night.... keep an eye out for this one she'll rat you out to your landlord in a heartbeat.

The neighbor that probably is doing something illegal:  This is a house better left ignored.  They leave the trashcan on the curb 24/7 and random cars come and go from the place.  Always avoid these people, but feel free to nock the trash can over every once in a while when you're "backing" up.

Step 2: The Landlord

Avoid the landlord AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE 99% of the time they are psycotic and have been dealing with tenants too long.  All you have to do is be nice to your building mates and mail the rent on time...otherwise you have to put up with the source of evil taking your rent....the landlord.
Never believe anything your landlord says they are not your friend
p.s. (US only) starting in 2012 mailing the rent the day before the due date wont work because of USPS cuts :'(

Step 3: The Crib

In an old un-renovated apartment, you MUST weatherproof in the winter.  Check under your sink and other cabinets too, they may have huge holes in the back that cause massive heatlosses 10$ can save you $100+ on your heating bill. Just buy a plastic window cover kit that comes with the door sealer as well.

Lots of rugs make the place look better if the carpet is nasty and looks like a body was drug across the floor.

Poor lighting is also a concern, dont use the lightbulbs already in because they are probably Incandesent, go get some CFL's and get your rebate from the power company.

If your living room is missing an overhead light, put a lamp in each corner.
A well lit room makes it more inviting for friends actually WANT to come visit your place.

The outside of your building:  Face it your landlords not going to pay extra for the landscaper to clean it up the leaves composting on the porch/driveway, neither are you...unless you have a snow shovel otherwise i'd advise doing something about it

Step 4: And Life Goes On

Hopefully you dont have to live like this for extended periods of time and you can eventually leave.

Your neighborhood experience makes for some great stories about that time you lived in a crappy apartment.

This instructable was made while i was at work
It is Just as a spoof on all the wilderness survival guides, Nothing is to be taken for anything other than the laughs i got writing it

Someone like me has a 1% chance of being stranded in the middle of the amazon or some other terestrial senario so i figured why not write a survival guide

....surviving this can be harder

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 4

    when you see a neighbor wheeling out the trash in his grandmothers wheel chair look the other way, If you ever see food in boxes in the lobby don't take any its not safe. just my to cents.

    SP Riley
    SP Riley

    8 years ago on Introduction

    You sir have not lived in Ohio long enough! I have lived in Ohio my entire life, and know a few more things about it than you do. In Dayton we have a Christian book-store next to an adult fetish store. I know a preacher in Columbus who lives above a bar. I have seen people wash their cars with a floor mop. Ohio is the place where we complain about cold in the winter forgetting how hot and humid it gets in the summer. Ohio is where you invent all types of things in the winter because you are stuck inside, and activities to do in the dark during the summer because that is the only time you sweet less than normal. Ohio, where you are no more than twenty minutes from a place of higher education. Ohio, where you can drink the tap water. Ohio where you can't buy fireworks, but you can buy everything to make your own in the city. Ohio, where most of us can smell the difference between cow crap and dog crap on your shoes. Ohio where we have two football/baseball teams and you can't root for both. Ohio is a wonderful place to live as long as you haven't lived somewhere else! Give it some time living in Ohio. Soon you will not be offended by the people around you, but understand you are in an unscripted sit-com.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Ha HA Unscripted sitcom, i just hope mine is interesting.
    I've lived here my whole life too, i just recently moved from the country to the city, complete lifestyle change.
    But...i can do without the 50'' of rain we've had this year