How to Log Data From the Arduino Board

How to log (save) data received through the serial from the arduino board (or any other microcontroller/project that uses serial). I explain where to get the programme that can do it, how to set it up, use and how to export serial data to a file. At the end I show how the data can be later uploaded into MS excel and graphed



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3 years ago

Saved my day!~!~ thank you!~! neat and simple


5 years ago on Introduction

hey,friend it's look like u have a great knowlage on arduino i need ur help,i m new to arduino..i want to run arduino programme which i'hv (made for leonardo board only) and check whether there is any error in programme or not..and than i want to upload this programme in programme board and acorrding to programme it'll run 2 gear motor,so how can i check it and load it..can u please tell me step wise instruction or put this instructable type vedio..i'll be thankfull,thank you

1 reply

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

naah I haven't got an arduino leonardo so I am afraid I can't help... though try to post this question on the arduino forum ( ) - I am sure they can solve for ya