How to Look Up Criminal and Civil Court Records Pretaining to Sacramento County, CA.





Introduction: How to Look Up Criminal and Civil Court Records Pretaining to Sacramento County, CA.

This is a step by step guide to look up criminal, as well as civil court records who's jurisdiction fell in Sacramento County, CA.

Step 1:

First step is to go to the Sacramento County Court index search page.
Cick on the button labeled "Procced to the Search System"

Next select which type of record you want to search for.
For our first search we will choose criminal.

Step 2:

Now enter a name, if you have other information like date of birth go ahead and enter that too to narrow down your search results.

For this instructable we'll enter a generic name.

Now click "Search".

Step 3:

Now you have a list of all the criminal records with names close to the name you entered.
We'll just click "Select" on the first one to go further.

This will give you page with every criminal case number related to that individual.
Since this is the only one that came up we'll go ahead and click on the "Details" button.

Step 4:

And there you have the details of the case.
For more specific information like what the charges were just do a quick google search on the charge numbers.
In this case they were PC 243(E)(1) and PC 591.

A quick Google search shows that PC 243(E)(1) is Domestic Battery that does not require and injury and that PC 591 involves damaging some electrical type utilities.

You can also click on "Show/Hide Code Description" for a... code description.

Step 5:

Now we will look at Civil cases.
Go back to the page with the drop down menu and select civil.
It will bring you to a page where you have to put the parties name in.
We will use the same name.
Next you have to select a beginning year and an ending year, for this instructable I picked random dates. For your own searches you should be more specific to narrow down the search results.
Next click on "Find Case Info".

Step 6:

It again comes up with a list of names. We will go ahead and again click on the first one.
From this we see that there was a case where the EDD took action against Mr. Green, But this is as detailed as it gets, we get no more information on the case than this.

Step 7:

Print it out, fold it up, and put it in your pocket.

Step 8: Disclaimer

These records are public records. Anything that was purged, expunged, etc will not be displayed. Do not use the information you can obtain from this service for blackmail or other illegal purposes. This information is for background checks and for making yourself an informed citizen.

This also does not mean these individuals were convicted of the crimes there were charged with.
In the example I used to illustrate this instructable Mr. Green's criminal charges were dismissed and he was not convicted, and although the his civil case occurring is a public record, the outcome of that case was not.



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    9 Discussions

    Has this changed? I used to use it all the time and now it says there is a charge and you have to pay with your credit card.

    Public Access Fees

    Name searches and document downloads will incur a public access fee that reimburses the Court for the cost of providing public access to its electronic records1. A credit card is required for payment of these fees. If you want to see documents on a case you are part of and have an approved fee waiver, you must come to the court to view your documents for free. Members of governmental entities within California and the Federal government may use the system for free.

    You may also come to the court and access the case information and documents online through one of the court’s kiosks free of charge (requests for printed copies will be charged at the rate published in the Court’s Fee Schedule).

    Name Search Fees

    A public access fee will be charged when searching for cases by name. In order to conduct a name search, you must first create an account then purchase the desired number of name searches. The fees are as follows:

    • $1.00 for one (1) name search
    • $3.50 for five (5) name searches
    • $25.00 for 75 name searches
    • $250.00 for 30 consecutive days of unlimited name searches
    • $2,500.00 for 365 consecutive days of unlimited name searches

    2 years ago

    I've used this tool before with high success. Highly recommended for criminal and court records searches

    Wow, not exactly a generic project!

    It only applies to 0.00021% of the world's population.

    Seriously, I worked it out.

    OK, so I'm bored...

    3 replies

    it does'nt apply only to residents, it applies also to anyone looking for information to about anyone who may have traveled through Sacramento County and had been arrested/charged. Sacramento County also contains the capitol city of California so prominent cases with the State of California vs... whoever take place there. Sacramento County also hosts the California State Fair, and has the attractions of Arco Arena, the Memorial Auditorium, music and film festivals.
    Some estimates that Sacramento county gets 4 million visitors a year multiply that and add in the resident population for the amount of years this search index's and you have a much larger number.

    Find me one for Yolo County that is this easy to use. TY