How to Transform Medium to Long Hair Into a Coveted Updo

Introduction: How to Transform Medium to Long Hair Into a Coveted Updo

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a creative hairstyle journey. Thank You for taking the time to look at one of my favorite projects. This instructable is going to guide you through the process of how I took my long tresses and pinned them up into a fun and fashionable updo. I was inspired when I was a cashier for a previous employer. A guest came through my line and I couldn't take my eyes off of her updo. After complimenting her she said "Oh, Thank You! It's nothing, really. I just pinned it up." So of course I went home and got to pinning and I fell in love with the outcome.

Step 1: Product Prep

I used Kenra product for this updo. For you the product could be different and you would still be able to achieve the same outcome. The key is to know your hair type and choose product accordingly. I have medium to long, wavy, frizzy tresses. So for this look I chose "blow-dry mist" to protect the hair through the blow-drying process, "curl defining crème" to add shine and enhance the curl, and "super hold finishing spray" to tame any frizz, add shine and hold the final look into place for a longer period of time. I chose the Kenra line because the smell is so yummy and unique. My hair also takes well to Kenra's formulation and I am able to get that "wow" factor that I always aim for.

Don't forget the pins!

I picked these babies up from the professional beauty store. And I've not looked back since. "Bob pins" are a must for this look and the professional ones always hold to a much higher standard. For a longer lasting up-do I would recommend the professional brand that can be found through your hairdresser or at a professional beauty store.

You will also need;

-Your Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner

-Blow Dryer

-Fine Toothed Comb

-Ouchless Ponytail holder

Step 2: Hair Prep; Wash and Blow-Dry

Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner to do a quick wash.

Next comes the Blow-Dry.

For this look the blow-dry is very important. It helps to build body and texture for a more voluminous outcome.

Here I used Kenra's "blow-dry mist"

Step 3: Grab, Scrunch and Pin the Top Section of the Hair

In this step I grabbed sections of the hair closest to my forehead, scrunched it, pushed it forward and then pinned. I repeated this technique starting at the forehead and working back. I stopped pinning in the mid-center of my head.

*Kenra's "curl-defining crème" is applied prior to pinning each section of the hair.

Step 4: Ponytail

In this step. I used a fine toothed comb to comb the remaining hair into a ponytail, really focusing on combing the sides and underside of the hair as close to the head as possible. I then secured it with the ouchless ponytail holder.

Step 5: Pin Up Ponytail

Here I also grabbed sections of the hair, scrunched and pinned until all hair was off of my neck. All the while I am connecting each section to the section of hair in front of it (I like to call this webbing the hair together with bobby pins). What did I end up creating? A voluminous chick Mohawk.

*Kenra's "curl-defining crème" is applied prior to pinning each section of the hair.

Step 6: Front, Back, Side to Side

Here is the final look when all is pinned up.

Here I sprayed Kenra finishing spray all over for shine and hold.

Step 7: Red Lip

Want to add further flair?

Since I'm learning how to perfect a red lip I decided to top this hairstyle off with just that. XOXO

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