How to Make 1 Cup of MacGyver Coffee



Introduction: How to Make 1 Cup of MacGyver Coffee

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I need a cup of coffee, but I don’t own a coffee machine, and I have just broken my French press. The gods of glassware have not been kind to me this morning.

Coffee can be made using the following materials:

1 used, dead, or obsolete CD (This is also a bit of homage to “44 Uses for Dud Discs” by Puzzledd)
1 mug
1 paper towel
1/ 4 cup of Coffee grounds
1 medium-size funnel

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Step 1: Assembly

Place the coffee on the paper towel in a little pile.
Remember, any amount of coffee can be the right amount.

Fold the paper towel and coffee so that it fits into the funnel nicely.
Insert the funnel through the CD hole, and place the whole arrangement on the mug

Step 2: Pouring Water

Pour hot or boiling water into the funnel slowly, and coffee will come out.
It should be noted that trying to photograph the water pouring in resulted in a coffee tsunami, so its best to have both hands free for this part.

If you want just enough coffee for your thermos, the funnel setup works well without the used CD.

And if you’re one of those people who has a device that does all of the above, the used cd works well to keep it stable since it wont sit nicely on top of the thermos.

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