How to Make 10000fps Slow Motion Videos!

Introduction: How to Make 10000fps Slow Motion Videos!

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Its a desired thing to film and watch Balloons, Bullets, Bikes, Sports and Fails in slow motion. But its very expensive to buy a camera with slow motion capabilities, they are about $4000 - $100,000. So here's how you can achieve decent quality slow motion up to 10000fps or evan 100000fps (less quality), with a $150 Budget.
(Have a look at the video for one of my examples)

You can use a whole range of cameras for this, as long as they're decent quality and have a frame rate of around 60fps - 500fps
I would Highly recommend the Casio ZR200, it films in a whole range of fps; 30, 120, 240, 480 and at 1000fps with poor quality.
You can Buy this camera from eBay for $150. Its a Great camera and does pretty good slow motion.

How To Get Up To 10000fps:
You can make this happen by using Twixtor, Timewarp (in After Effects) or Optical flow. The way it works is by collecting the data from the fame before and after and creating a frame in-between the frames. There are some fine adjustments to suit your video, they normally do not need to be touched. In the program your using type in the percent you want to slow it down by, it will slow it down to the percent selected and add the frames required. The more frames you have to start off with the better it will look and the less it will warp. Many movies and Slow motion videos on youtube use this method.
Its perfect for sports like park-core, BMX, Motor cross and more and gives your videos a professional look. Enjoy your slow motion!

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