How to Make 3 Healthy and Yummy Snacks - Under 100 Calories!!

Introduction: How to Make 3 Healthy and Yummy Snacks - Under 100 Calories!!

On this video I will show how to make 3 easy snacks that are also under 100 calories each! They are really yummy and healthy, so if you are wondering what to eat between meals I hope I can give you some ideas with this video.

For the kiwi smoothie you will only need: 150 milliliters of skim milk and a medium size kiwi.
Peel the kiwi and cut it into small pieces, add the milk and blend everything with a mixer or food processor. The key to get the smooth texture is placing the mixer  close to the surface to incorporate as much air as possible.

If you are craving something savory you can make this tuna sandwich that will require:
A slice of bread, 25 gr of tuna and some veggies
First, place the bread on the toaster, then start cutting your veggies, for this sandwich I chose green and red pepper, onion and tomato. As you see you just need a small amount. In a little bowl mix this veggies with the tuna.Cut the toast in half and place a piece of lettuce and the tuna mixture. 

For the last recipe you just need 15 gr of light cream cheese and 5 dried plums
First, cut the plums open and place a tiny bit of cream cheese in the middle part, then heat then in the microwave for only 8-10 seconds.

I hope you liked this video!

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