How to Make 360 Animations

Introduction: How to Make 360 Animations

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  This instructable will show you how to make 360 animations of objects. As in most of my software-related instructables, this i'ble uses easy to use freeware. 

NOTE: If you have any questions (that are related to this i'ble) that go beyond common reasoning, please do post it here. I may have the answer.

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Step 1: Download the Software

 I posted this software as a comment before. Some of you may have already downloaded it because of this. This software is extremely easy to use as a newbie. There are more options if you want more out of it, but we'll stick to the basics.

Gifted Motion - 1.20courtesy of 

It has a very small file size for such a useful software, about 67KB if I remember exactly. 

Step 2: Take Pictures of Your Subject on All Possible Angles

It would be best if your camera was to rotate around the subject on a flat surface (unlike my desk here, which is populated by various objects of no interest). Keep your camera pointed at the subject. If your camera has a screen (some don't) then keep the subject centered on the screen at any cost necessary (not counting lives unless you had an extra one). Mark points you think are good for taking pictures from to decrease the no. of pictures you need to take and use. As much as possible, keep the subject the same size as it has been in the previous pictures. 

RECOMMENDED: Number your pictures in chronological order. This will help you manage the problem the software has.

Step 3: Stick Those Pictures in There!

Open GiftedMotion-1.20 and click "File" (located in the upper left portion of the window), click "Load", and select the pictures you want to upload. Don't waste your time uploading individual pictures. To upload multiple pictures at the same time, press and hold shift before selecting your images, select your images, then release the "shift" button. You preferred images are now highlighted, you can now upload it by clicking the "Open" button located in the lower right portion of the window. You may see that the images are disarranged. Just move the images to their proper places by clicking the green arrows in the "Image Sequence Editor" window. 

Step 4: Save the Animation; Admire It Afterwards!

No pictures needed here (unless requested). Just click "File", then click "Save as GIF animation". Then save wherever you wish. Or you could just click the red button located near the buttons on the upper left portion of the window. It looks like a record button of sorts, which it sort of is. 

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