How to Make "80s Style" Earrings From Polymer Clay




Introduction: How to Make "80s Style" Earrings From Polymer Clay

About: I'm an artist who loves making pretty things! I have a gorgeous chocolate lab who accompanies me on hair-brained projects. I love the beach and I love crafting.I also run a crafting blog and and an etsy shop.

This all started after watching 80s music videos on Youtube! And of course Jem!

Prep work before you start.
Make sure the area is clean and free of dust.
Wash your hands to ensure a good clean project.

Safety Precautions
This project requires use of a knife and should not be done by those under the age of 12. Even then supervision should still be required. 

Also follow all directions for baking your clay. Remember any tools you use for polymer clay are not used one food,

Tools and Supplies
Paper & Pencil
Craft knife
Clay of your choice(I used Fimo soft)
Polymer clay glaze in glass finish
Flatback Crystals
Craft brush
Pasta Machine or roller [i.e. marker, rolling pin]
2 Ear wires
6 eyelit pins or wire
2 beads

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Step 1: Template

Step 1 
Decide on a shape you want to use, I choose a heart, Sketch it out on the paper, this will be the template for your earrings, You'll need a large shape and small shape as shown, then cut them out. Next lightly fold the larger heart in half and draw a guide line down the middle. I wanted my large heart to have about 1/4 of inch width, its up to you decided how wide you want the outer shape to be, keep in mind you will need space remaining on the inside of the smaller heart.. Cut heart shape out middle out of the large heart once you've made decision.

Step 2:

Step 2

Condition your clay and roll it out, I used setting 5 on my pasta machine, if you are using rolling pin  about 1/8 inch should work for thickness. Lay your clay down and place your template over it and carefully cut it out. Go slow for nice even lines. After you have the outside cut out ,remove it and clean up edges. 

Step 3:

Step 3

Cut the center out and repeat for the second earring.  Also repeat this for smaller hearts in an alternating color. 

Step 4:

Step 4

Take an eyelit pin out and very carefully insert it into the clay.Do not clipthe bottom pat of the clay do the same to orange hearts. Then place on pan and bake according to the directions.  

Step 5:

Step 5
Use a tiny dot of glue and add crystals. Let this dry for awhile, about a half hour to make sure they are secure.

Step 6:

Step 6
Using a craft brush generously apply the glass glaze and let dry. After the glass is completely dry. Turn over and add a thin layer to the back.  Using round tipped pliers, curl the bottom of the eyelit pin and attach the small orange heart,

Step 7:

Step 7

Using the remaining set of pins, attach it tothe heart and a bead, then attach that end to ear wire. Then you are all ready to go with new pair of earrings!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I am off to try to make these now! It seems easy enough but we will see :-P If these turn out good then I will try making the same but stars!! :-D thanks for the great idea! (good, clear pics!)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome I wanted make something anyone could do as well make their own variations of, I'd love to see a picture of your finished work!


    2 years ago

    This is fantastic!! Now I can finally get my 80's style back!! I'm getting these things on the 1st of the month so that I can do this & make many others. It feels so good to finally get my own style back, thank you for your help & advice!!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yay! Enjoy them I am glad you liked it!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    These are amazing! I think I will make them and wear them with my favorite orange pants! =]]