How to Make AM Radio Jammer?


Introduction: How to Make AM Radio Jammer?

You can make Am radio jammer using simple components :
1 transistor 2n2222
1 resistor 1 mega ohm
1 resistor 470 ohm
1 ceramic capacitor 1 nf "102"
1 variable capacitor 5-250P from an old radio 
center tap coil with ferrite core  90 turns "45 -45" as shown in picture
9 volt battery 




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    Thank you for your diagram ! Where would I put my speaker in your diagram? im using a simple 8ohm speaker from Adafruit ?

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    You could put a speaker in but the speaker could depend on the current and resistance draw a lot of power (Inductor coil) and reduce your tone output I am experemeting around with a more powerful coil from another ep to give more power.

    Quite a errie sound.

    Just used a transformer that hooked up to the 555 timer input voltage and added the 555 timer (second one) into the transformer. Creates an variable sound with other sound effects.

    For my mid jammer if I attach another 1 mcs 555 timer to the transformer I can jam with different sound effects from the radio.

    Note that this is a mid jammer. It would jam stations 88.8 and 88.4 MHZs but not 88.5 MHZS.

    Oops forgot the pin 2 of the 555 timer that is connected to pin 6.

    Radio Jammer circuit with 555 timer, transformer and switch. Blocks FM signals from 27 feet away.


    My radio jammer is a 555 timer circuit with 10 and 1000 uf capacitors attached to pin 2 and ground. A switch between each parallel capacitors is set A B and C are the terminals of the switch. C attaches to the parallel capacitor 10 uf while B and A attaches to the combined 10 and 1000 uf capacitors. Then pin 3 attaches to an coil from a 130 in 1 electronic kit. There is no tuning capacitor but large distance 20 feet you can determine the buzzing sound through the radio. I

    It is a cool radio fm jammer. Frequency most likely to Jam is 100.7 MHZ??

    I think.

    I have made a fm radio jammer with a 555 timer with switch to convert the 10 uf capacitor and 1000 uf capacitor to create a buzzer or other sound effects. I attached pin 3 of the 555 timer to a 130 in 1 electronic radio circuit. Works very well. I added a transformer and altered the pitch with 9 v and 4.5 volts.

    can this jam down to 5mhz ?