How to Make Babakau - Fijian Fried Pancakes - Light and Delicious!



These little pancakes are a favourite for breakfast here, and sometimes for any other meal where I need bread, the only resort, as a trip to the nearest bread shop is a half hour walk down the dirt road, then a bus to town, then return which all takes about 2 hours. 

By the time I get back, my “need” for bread has often passed, so I make these instead while I am pottering around. This recipe is for a half batch as it is enough for us, and if you eat the pancakes the next day, while still nice, a lot of the “air” goes out of them, so they are best eaten fresh.  Plus, it makes a lot!  My Fijian friend who is a grandma, Vuli, says that these are the "best ever" and better than her daughter's but she could be just being nice!  They are definitely lighter than most that I have tasted here which seem to be drier and heavier. 
If you don't have sugar, then you can grate half an onion into the dough and that makes it sweet. 

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