How to Make Cracked Glass Necklace




Introduction: How to Make Cracked Glass Necklace

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Hi! Today i will show you an amazing Cracked Glass Necklace!

This Ible it's really simple and very cheap!

Check the short video here if you want see the final result!

Ok start with this Tutorial!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

-your favourite necklace cord (I used a silver Necklace)
-Glass gem
-bead cap
-Water with ice

Step 2: Heat the Glass

In this step you need to heat up the Glass gem and cracked, you have two way for make:

-Set your glass gem in oven at 250 degrees for 20 minutes.

-Use a flame from your stove

The second method it's really easy and fast, you need only 60 seconds and a pair of tweezers.

Put the gem on the flame and wait for 1 minute, after drop it in one glass with water and ice

(for melt the ice very fast and obtain the maximum cold, put in the glass of water 1 spoon of table salt)

the result when you pull out of the water the gem it's incredible

Step 3: Built the Necklace!

You only glue your bead cap on the gem and let it dry.

After insert the ring in your favourite necklace (i used one of silver) and your fantastic Jewel it's Finished!

Thank you For your attention! Follow me on instructables or on my Youtube channel here



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    I love this it is s great idea.... I am so totally doing this. THANK YOU

    1 reply

    Thank you.. Good! If you make it send me a photo!

    We did the crackle thing with clear marbles back in the '60's. Not sure how my mother figured out how to do it, but from then on all our marbles were crackled and everyone kept trying to beat us to win our marbles. Nice instructable! Brought back nice memories.

    2 replies

    We would put marbles on the electric stove top, right on the heating element and wait until they cracked. Back in '61-'63.

    Thank you so much ;) I like the 60'

    I used cyanoacrylate glue, but E600 work very well for this project