How to Make Decorative Hair Barrettes




This instructable takes you step-by-step and shows you how to make a decorative barrette. This crafting process takes approximately 20-30 minutes to create one decorative hair barrette. One does not need any crafting experience if instructions are followed closely.

Note : This project does involve the use of a hot glue gun.

Hair Barrettes are a fun and easy way to dress up hair. Hand crafted barrettes are an affordable personal gift for many occasions. Though barrettes take time, they are a long-lasting easy craft to make when done correctly.

Step 1: Materials

Materials: totaling $20-25 (after buying the materials for the first barrette the cost of making the proceeding barrettes decreases significantly)

• Feathers- $3 bag of features (use only a few feathers) there are more expensive feathers that are more durable and attractive.
• Fake Flowers- $3 strands of fake flowers that can be plucked off their plastic vines.
• Beads- $3-6, depending on how many you use for one barrette.
• Bottlecaps- Free if found.
• Barrette- $3 for about 20, 2 inch barrettes.
• Glue Sticks- $2 for about 20 (you will use about half a stick per barrette)
• Hot Glue Gun- $5 for a small glue gun.
• Scissors- $3 for basic scissors
• Hard Felt- approx. $.30 for a 16x24

Note : There are no particular brands of products that need to be used. It should be noted that some hot glue guns require a particular size of glue sticks and should be bought accordingly.

Step 2: Cut the Felt

Note : Plug in the hot glue gun and wait approximately 5 minutes before you cut the felt.

Tip : Place newspaper under the hot glue gun.

Caution : While the hot glue gun is heating up, make sure that it is not resting on anything that you would not want glue on, as it can ruin tables, rugs, etc.

1. Place a 3.5'' inch cup or glass on the felt and trace the outline with a pen to create a perfect circle.

2. Cut a 3.5'' inch circle out of the felt material.

Step 3: Creating a Cone Shape

1. Take your circle of felt and cut halfway into the circle.

2. Spread glue the length of the cut on one part of the cut felt.

3. Take the unglued, other cut part of felt and place on top of the glued part.

Tip : Fold the felt rather quickly in order to keep the glue from hardening before the felt is pressed on top of it.

4. Press these sides together to create a slight cone shape.

Caution : Avoid touching the tip of the glue gun where the glue comes out. Touching this area may result in burns and irritation to the skin.

Step 4: Glue the Barrette Onto the Felt

1) Put glue on the top, or larger side, of the barrette.

Tip : Press very lightly on the glue gun trigger, a little glue goes very far.

2) Press the underside of the felt cone onto the glued top of the barrette.

3) Hold these two pieces together for about 30 seconds or until the glue has solidified.

Step 5: Decorate the Barrette

1) Glue your decorations of choice onto the top part of the felt.

2) Glue decorations in stages, starting from the bottom and moving to the top.

Tip: It is easier to start with lighter material such as feathers and finish with heavier materials such as pennies.

Step 6: Wear and Enjoy!

You have now successfully created a decorative hair barrette! Safely unplug the hot glue gun. Put the decorative hair barrette in you hair and enjoy it yourself, or give it as a personal gift. Remember that with these supplies there are plenty of materials to make several more hair barrettes for you or your friends and family. Do not be afraid to rock these hair accessories day or night!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Really nice and great instructions. I needed this, badly, for my shop, to make beaded fancy barrettes! Thanks much!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Lovely work. This would be a great entry for the DIY Wedding Challenge too!