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in a preveous instructible, I promised to show how to make dotting tools from household items (see it here). If you know me, you know I never break my promises. So, here we are!
Here is what you'll need to make some dotting tools:
- a couple #2 pencil with an eraser
- bobby pin
- markers
- toothpicks
- paintbrush

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Step 1: The First Dotting Tools-

Step 2: Marker Tools- the Second Set

You can use the back of a marker or Sharpie to make medeum to big Dotting tools. Cheap markers with the balls at the end work best. :)

Step 3: Using the Back of a Pencil- Set 3

You can use a #2 pencil or mechanical pencil eraser to make a large dot. They're good for Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer noses in the winter! :P (BTW sorry for the horrible quality)

Step 4: Using Toothpicks- Set #4

You can use toothpicks and the back of one-sided Q-tips to make tiny dotting tools. Cutepolish from YouTube uses these to make some of her nail art (I wasnt sponsered to say that!)! This is one of the easiest sets to make, in my opinion.

Step 5: The Last Set!

I have a set of Crayola Twistable Crayons, so i used that for these dotters. I also used a Bobby pin and a paintbrush back (lol).

Thats all! i hope this was helpfull for you cheapoes (like me) who dont want to buy dotting tools! thanks for viewing!

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