How to Make Easy-hook Pendant With Dangling Crystals




Introduction: How to Make Easy-hook Pendant With Dangling Crystals

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This is a wire pendant that you can easily hook, unhook and use on other styles of necklaces. 

7 Head pins
26 inches 14ga wire
7 x 8mm black crystals

Wire cutter
Flat nose/bent pliers
Round nose pliers

Step 1:

Cut 26 inches 14ga wire. Find the middle of the wire and using your mandrel size 10mm create your 1st circle by coiling your wire onto the mandrel 2 times.

Step 2:

Then start forming 6 more circles, 3 on each side, adjusting the wire to form a diamond-like shape piece. Except for the 1st circle, the rest of the circles are created with only 1 coil.

Step 3:

After forming the circles you then twist the end wire to form a hook or bail.

Step 4:

This is how the bail should look like.

Step 5:

Then using head pins attach crystals on each of the circles.

Step 6:

When finished, simply hook it onto a necklace. In this picture I have hooked it onto a crocheted necklace. If you like a detailed PDF of this tutorial you can download it here for FREE. 

Step 7:

This pendant is originally created for the Crocheted Necklace with Flower Toggle Lock Pendant

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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent pendant, What type of wire did you use? We use a nickel wire in our handmade jewelry that looks similar. Thank you


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi jbyers5, I used a 14ga, 26 inches in length copper wire. :)