How to Make Fries Supreme




Introduction: How to Make Fries Supreme

"Fries Supreme" is a delicious dish typically served at Taco Bell restaurants. This instructable will show you how to re-create it at home - where you can customize the ingredients making it both monumentally tastier and a tiny bit healthier (3x the veggies as in store, easily).

A great, gluten-free alternative to tacos!

You will need:

1 small Vine-ripe Tomato
1 bunch Chives or Green Onions
1/3 cup Sour Cream
1/3 cup (shredded) Cheddar cheese
1/3 lb Ground Beef
1/3 bag (about 350g) French Fries
1 tbsp (or to taste) Spectacular Taco Spice -- click here for an instructable!

Yield: 2 giant plates for a main course or 4 side-plates to be served alongside a second dish.

Step 1: Prep

Spread the frozen french fries over a baking tray and place in the oven according to the instructions (middle rack, 450℉, turn half-way through.)

While the fries are cooking, grate the cheese, dice the tomatoes and cut the chives or green onions - then set aside.

Add taco spice to the ground beef and simmer on medium-low until dark brown, then remove from heat and set aside.

Step 2: Fries

When the french fries are nearly done, remove them from the oven and cover them with grated cheese and crumbled bits of spicy ground beef.

Place back in the oven on the top rack, turn on the broiler to high and let brown for 3-5 minutes. Remove from oven and serve onto two plates.

Step 3: Toppings

On each plate of meaty, cheesy fries, add a dollop of sour cream, and handful of diced tomato and two handfuls of chopped green onion or chives.

Eat it while the fries, meat and cheese are piping hot and the sour cream and veggies are still cold. This instructable should make two giant plates or 3-4 small.

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    Tip 1 year ago on Introduction

    Thanks for recipe, I have been making it without the beef but just with McCain's spicy fries, you cook the fries according to instruct. but take out of oven 2 minutes before you are suppose to, then add - chopped green onions/red and green peppers then cover with shredded tex mex cheese and place back in the oven until cheese melts then you can add chopped tomato's if you wish. Now that I know that it is taco mix you add to the beef I will be trying it tonight, made the mistake of mixing beef with a burrito seasoning was terrible, figured it had to be taco seasoning, but if you are a vegetarian just don't add the beef. This is a great snack to share on girls night, just make a platter and dig in and totally enjoy it.


    3 years ago

    I'm very disappointed. I have tried to download this recipe to print it and your sight keeps wanting to to sign up for this and that. Why can't I just print the recipe without all the extra.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Premium only, they do need to pay their bills too you know. ;)

    Wait......there's a taco bell out there somewhere that serves carne asada fries?!?! No fair.