How to Make George Weasley's Wand

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This project only took me about 4 hours and it is super fun to do! Some people say that George's wand looks like the flying broomsticks in the movies. All you need to do this is clay, wire, and paint! :)

Step 1: Get Your Clay on the Wire!

Form some wire in the shape of the wand which you could see in most pictures on google. Make the metal wire really thick towards the handle. Once the wire frame is done put clay on it. I started with the handle and then I did the bend in the shaft and then the rest of the shaft. It took a ton of smoothing and thinning but it came out great.

Step 2: Get the Handle Pattern

the handle pattern is just a simple criss cross with a ring around each end I did the criss-cross first then I did the rings. Now bake your wand at 275F for about an hour. Let it cool then paint the whole handle a tan yellow color. let that dry. now paint the 2 rings and the criss crosses on the handle maroon. let dry. Then paint the bend in the shaft grayish black. Let it dry and your done!



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    3 years ago

    Perfect replica!