How to Make Halloween Baked Apples





Introduction: How to Make Halloween Baked Apples

Autumn is here and Halloween is already within sight, so I made a seasonal apple dessert! :o)

This recipe is for 4 servings. When there are children around use apple juice instead of rum!

Step 1: This Is What You Need:

For 4 servings:


150 gr Marzipan

40 gr Almond sticks

30 gr icing shugar

40 gr dates (you can also use raisins)

2-3 table spoons of Rum OR Apple juice

juice of 1 lemon


Step 2: Preparations:

Cut the dates into small pieces and mix them with marzipan, rum or apple juice, almonds, icing shugar and cinnamon.

Cut off the top of the apples and hollow them out. I used a knife and a teaspoon.

Then cut out halloween faces and sprinkle them with lemon juice.

Fill the apples with the marzipan mixture.....don't use as much as I did per apple (see image), it gets a little too sweet.

Place the apples on a baking tray.

Preheat oven and bake for 25 min. at 175 ° C

Step 3: Enjoy!

Before serving add some icing shugar or serve with vanilla sauce.

I cut the mouth in the second apple too low, so some juice ran out and it looks a bit grumpy now.....


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    8 Discussions

    great..!! i made it

    Baked apples are so yummy! You rocked them, and they are so suitable for a tasty, (spooky) Halloween feast! Apples are not really in season for Halloween in New Zealand, because it is Winter for Halloween here!

    1 reply

    Sounds yummy. And they look cute. Even the one that looks "grumpy" is fine because it just adds to the spooky Halloween theme. Great idea. Voted in both contests. :)

    1 reply