How to Make Halloween Pickled Punks

Introduction: How to Make Halloween Pickled Punks

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Step 1: Materials Used

I made most of these Pickled Punks last year so I'll recreate them for you  I used what I had around the ole laboratory.  Assortment of jars, black acrylic paint, paint brush, food coloring, glue gun, thin foil, paper for labels, glue, black felt tip marker. cushion foam, curly yarn, grow a brain, talcum powder or corn starch, candle & skeleton hand.

Step 2: Clean Jars and Paint Lids

Remove labels for your jars. Paint the lids with black paint this coat should be thin. When they are dry dab the bristle end of your brush in the paint then on paper to remove the extra paint the dab the lids to give them an aged look.

Step 3: Eye of Toad

For Eye of Toad make drops of hot glue onto the foil allow to cool. Then use the felt tip marker to draw dots on each drop. Remove the eyeballs leaving the foil attached to the back. This is time consuming but the more eyeballs you make the better it looks. Put them in a jar add water, add green food coloring a drop at a time. They look better when the color is a little darker. 

Step 4: Subcutaneous Fat of Warthog

Cut cushion foam into different shapes, pack the jar full with them, add water, add a few drops of red food coloring.

Step 5: Vampire Bat Intestines Intestines

Curly yarn that’s used for doll hair, I had tan so that what I used, pack it in a jar that it will fill. Add water and drops of red food coloring.

Step 6: Zombie Powder

Fill a jar about ½ full of talcum powder or corn starch.

Step 7: Mojo Hand

Use a jar that the skeleton hand will stand up in place a glob of hot glue on the palm end and glue to the bottom edge of the jar, add water & yellow coloring.

Step 8: Witchs Brew

Itall bottle, water and purple food coloring.

Step 9: Lead Guitar Player Brain

 grow a brain I got this one at the Dollar store, it take about 5 days, dump out the growing water, add fresh water and green food coloring. These Pickled Punks are in our Music Shop and thus the name.

Step 10: Labels

I already had some gold textured parchment paper so I used it for the labels. Come up with creepy names for your Punks or use mine, print out using old world looking fonts, cut out the names then burn around the edges using a candle and glue them to the jars. You can use plain paper to print out the names then soaking the paper in coffee or tea in a cake pan to the color you wish this doesn’t take to long, carefully remove and dry on a table the paper. You can add a few graphic for flare.

Step 11: Storing Your Pickled Punks

 I just dry them out and store them for the next Halloween. Be creative and add more Punks to your collection each year.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I really like this idea! It will really look cool when I do it for my wedding centerpieces. :D