How to Make Hand Made PCB


Introduction: How to Make Hand Made PCB

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Today We are going to teach you how to make a hand made pcb(printed circuit board).

Step one : Firstly cut that pcb as par your pcb layout size.

we made the pcb circuit schematic and layout using EAGLE Software

Step 1: Carbon Stuck With Copper Plate

Step 2: Clean the Pcb Plate With the Help of Sand Paper

Step 3: Put It on Your Printed Design

you can use magzine paper for design printing

or you can use glossy paper.

Step 4: Cover It From All Side

Step 5: Iron It for Just Few Minutes Until Tracks on That Pcb Wont Shown.

Step 6:

Step 7: Put the Water in a Box

Step 8: Put That Pcb on the Water Box.

Step 9: Erase That Magzine Paper Very Preciously.

Step 10: Here Is Your Printed Design.

Step 11: Now Check Every Track If They Are Joined With Another Track Remove It.

Step 12: Put Some Boiled Water and Some Fecl3 Powder on That Box and Put That Pcb and Shake It Slowly.

Step 13: Copper Will Be Erased in Few Minutes and You Will Get Only Your Tracks.

Step 14: Now Again Rough It With Sand Paper.

Step 15: Make Drill With the Help of Drill Machine and Insert Component and Solder Them.

Step 16: And You'll Get Your Final Pcb



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Step 17:



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    You forgot to say you used a laserjet (or toner) printer, you won't be able to transfer the ink if you use a normal ink printer.