How to Make Keychain Cutaway Padlock




Introduction: How to Make Keychain Cutaway Padlock

This is a cool Keychain for you lockpickers out there and just about anyone who's interested how a simple Masterlock padlock works. And wants to show it off to their friends. You can even practice picking on the go with it or teach others how to pick locks.

What you need
-Masterlock #7 (You can do this with other locks such as the Masterlock #3 but then it wont be a keychain)
-Dremel cutoff disk
-Soldering Iron
-Some handskills
-common sense
-saftery glasses

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Step 1: Get a MasterLock #7

You need to get a master lock #7 to have a keychain cutaway as i said before you can do this with other locks but it probably wont be a keychain cause the master lock number 7 are tiny locks small enough to fit on you keys and to be carried around in you pocket

Step 2: Remove the "Master Band"

Slip a flathead Screwdriver underneath the plastic band and pull it up but becarefull not to rip it

Step 3: Cuttign Off the Studs

Ok now its time to get rid of the little studs that is holding the bottom plate of the lock. You can do this with a dremel by just grinding them off

Step 4: Taking Off the Bottom Plate

Now you want to remove the bottom play to get the lock cylinder out and start making this into a cutaway. You can also do this with a flat head screw driver or a small chisel tip. Like show in the pictures

Step 5: Pushing Out the Rest of the Studs

Now we need to push out the rest of the studs. In my case i couldnt get the bottom plate off. So i hade to push the rest of the studs. You will need to get a nail and nail down the studso it pops out on the other side allitle bit.

Step 6: Marking Your Cuts

You will need to mark your cuts now. You can use a sharpie or a good pencil. And now you can pull out the cylinder and spring.

Step 7: Preping the Cyclinder or Cutting and Taking Out the Pins

Use your key to open the cylinder. You wont be able to pull out the lock core with out the use of a hammer because it is blocked my a bent part of the cylinder. So you knock it out a little bit but now all the way because your springs and pins will go flying.

Once you knock it past the bent part. Pull it out slowly catching all the springs and pins. You will have * pins and 4 springs. Store these for later when we reassemble the lock.

Step 8: Cutting the Cyclinder

Now we will cut the cyclinder This is the rather tricky part of the project. Use a Dremel with a cuttoff disk and make 3 to four cuts on the cyclinder exposing a "window" of the inside. Keep cutting until you have this window. But do not cut to deep.

Step 9: Cutting the Lock Core and Putting It Back Into the Cyclinder

Make vertical Cuts on the lock core exposing the are where the pins sit. But be care full not to cut too much because the pins will fall out form the sides

After you make the cuts Put all the top pins baceinto the core. The top pins have a point top and look like this ii while the bottom pins have a flat top. After you put your top pins in make sure you have a nice view of them through the cuts you made.

After all you top pins are in you will be reassembling the lock.
Step one - instert all the springs back onto the bottom of the cyclinder
Step two- Insert th lock core only just a little right before it begins the cover the first hole of the cyclinder just liek in the picture. Make sure the lock core it turned 1/4 a turn
Step Three-Put the bottom pin the the first whole and push it down ontop of the spring then quickly slide the lock core over it trapping the bottom pin ontop of the spring.

Repea't this process for the remaining 3 pins.

Step 10: Removing the Plates

Remove each plate one by one. Youcan do this using a flat head screw driver. just chisel them up one by one until you have a complete view of the lock cyclinder as show in the second picture.

Step 11: Cutting the Plates We Took Off.

Now we will cut the plates thats we took off before. You marks should still be there but mine were erased. Do not cut the first plate. You will need to use your dremel and cuttoff disk to cut each individual plate

Step 12: Putting the Cut Plates Back On

Once you have all the plates cut put them back on the order you took them off. They will have to be force back on so use a hammer and flat head to chisel them back on. Once you have them all back on you can use a dremel to even the cuts out but i like to leave it like this because it has an exploded theme

Step 13: Reassembling the Lock

Now once all you plates are cut slide the cylinder back into the lock. It should fit snugly, after it is in put the big spring back in and throw the first plate back on.

Step 14: Securing the First Plate

Push down the first plate hold it down and whip out your Soldering iron. Where each stud was cutoff put a drop or two of melted solder to freeze it into place just like in the pictures. After all the soldering is down slide the Master band back on and make a cut on it so its not blocking the inside view. You will also have to glue this band to the lock because it wont stay on after you cut it. And thats it you have your cutaway keychain lock now go show all you friends

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    10 years ago on Step 14

    I'm not sure what the point to it is, but you might not want to carry a padlock on your keys. It's too heavy, and will break your ignition switch by tugging on it every time you hit a bump. Might sound silly, but it's a big problem with classic cars. It takes about 10 years for a "heavy" keychain to take out a ignition switch. I bet that thing could do it in 2 months.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Then dont put it on your car keys especialy if you have a classic car


    10 years ago on Introduction

    cool. i always want to make one of these so i can perfect my skills of lock picking, but i didnt want to ruin it.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    yeah you prolly could get a good view at what ur doing lol