Holiday Gift - Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri'




Introduction: Holiday Gift - Korean Board Game, 'Yut-no-ri'

This is paper version of Yut-no-ri game kit. You can make your own board game or you can gift your friends this kit version. There is equipment to play this game, such as four wooden sticks, racers, and game board. This version of game is made by paper, and there are paper templates, which are in attached document.

Step 1: Print the Template

Print PDF file, PrintVersionYutBoard.pdf & PrintVersionInside.pdf. (or if possible, you can print YutGameBoard.pdf file instead. It's 36cmX36cm size) Then, cut the each part.

Step 2: Make a Game Board.

Attach the two pieces of game board using double sided tape. Then, do the rest of piece of game board.

Step 3: Make a Game Kit

Put the PrintVersionInside paper on the game board.Then, fold the game board. Cover the paper and attach the sticker on the center of the paper.

Step 4: Make Equipment of Yut-no-ri

Unfold the kit. Cut the all the sticks, racers, racers' stand.

Step 5: Make Sticks 1

For the stick, fold the each part.Attach the long side of the stick using double sided tape.

Step 6: Make Sticks 2

Put the glue on the tip of stick.

Step 7: Make Sticks 3

This part is kind of hard. But as you can see, when you glue it, put your thumb on the edge of the stick. Then, gently push it.You can also carefully hit the tip of the stick on the table.

Step 8: Make Racers

Fold a racer in half.Fold a racer' stand. Make a small hole in the middle of the stand.Insert the racer in the middle of the stand.

Step 9: Let's Play the Game

You're done. Now, it's ready to play the game.There is instruction in PrintVersionInside.pdf file how to play this game. Enjoy the game!

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    Thanks for the complete package of Yut-no-ri. Time to play this board game with friends.


    7 years ago

    Oh I'm one of Korean thanks to know about our culture!