How to Make Kracie Japanese Soft Candy




Kracie Meiji is a Japanese food candies and also a toy that both adult and kids (3+) can make and eat them. They are made of:




Vegetable oil

Corn syrup



Milk powder


Artificial flavor

Sodium alginate

Vegetable coloring

Caramel coloring

If you mix with water it will become like jello and looks real. There are many kinds of foods such as sushi, fast foods, or bakery. It is popular in Asia at this time, because the way how to play this toy it’s actually similar to what you cook in the real kitchen. There come in a box that include all materials we need inside the package, and step how to play in Japanese. Some people might not understand Japanese would not be able to do correctly, because there are no translate to a different language.

Step 1: Materials

Open up Kracie soft candy box, you will see many different colors little packages, white tray, plastic fork, and a little plastic bag.


Water (drinking water)


DIY set for Bento Box candy:
With rice ball, panda rice ball, fried chicken, egg, broccoli, sausage and spaghetti.

Flavor: Green grape, purple grape, soda, strawberry, orange, and lemon.

Contains: 7 bags of powder with different candy ingredients, 1 small plastic fork, 1 plastic bag as pastry bag, 1 mold

Get ready to began!

Step 2: Mistake

Here is some mistakes..

If you add too much water candy may get very liquid and hard to take them out of the tray.Be patient! Wait until the candy dry and looks like jello enough to take them out.Otherwise they will look like picture above.

Step 3: Cutting

Start with the tray.

You will need a scissors to cut out a triangle shape from the tray.

We will use that to add water into a stuff inside the package.

Step 4: Begin With Green Vegetable Package

Then let's start with broccoli first.

Cut open green vegetable package

· Pour contents into mushroom shape on tray

· Add water to contents in mushroom shape from triangle cut out in step 2

· Stir/mix together contents with plastic fork until consistency is like jello

· Let stand for 2-3 minutes or until dry

· Carefully remove candy from tray.

Step 5: Repeat: Orange Tamago (egg) Package

Repeat step 3 with the orange package.

  • Pour contents into rectangle shape on tray

Step 6: Repeat: Pink Sausage Package.

Repeat step 3 with the pink package.

  • Pour contents into the tray as show in the picture above

Step 7: Repeat: Blue Rice Package

Now we are going to make a rice!

With the blue package- will repeat step 3, but since the package is little bit bigger than the other packages. We will need to add a little bit more of water like 2 1/2 amount of water in a triangle plastic shape.

Until it's sticky, then you can use your hand to mold it to 3 different parts..

  • Big ball for panda's face.
  • 2 small balls for panda's ears.
  • 1 medium ball for sushi.

Step 8: Repeat: Gray Seaweed Package

Then take the gray package

  • Pour contents into the panda shape in the tray.

A small rectangle shape in the tray.

Also a big circle shape in the tray.

For to make panda face sushi, seaweed rice sushi, and panda ears.

Step 9: Repeat: Peach Spaghetti Package

Peach color package is for yakisoba noodle or spaghetti

Repeat step 6 you will add same amount of water as we did for rice, but we cannot mold for this one.

Instead you will use a plastic fork mixing the contents with water and put in the plastic bag.

Cut the bottom edge of plastic bag not too big, but little small hole so we will get perfect of noodles.

After that you will slowly squeeze the bag around circle to make a perfect noodle.

Step 10: Repeat: Brown Fried Chicken Package

Repeat step 3, but you can take it out and mold it same with the rice.

Step 11: Finish: Bento Box

Here is my tiny bento box!

Get ready for lunch.. Enjoy!

Step 12:



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